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“Take your gradebook to the next level with GradeSpeed.NET” PowerPoint Presentation
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“Take your gradebook to the next level with GradeSpeed.NET”

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“Take your gradebook to the next level with GradeSpeed.NET” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gradebook Features Presentation. “Take your gradebook to the next level with GradeSpeed.NET”. Campusware company history. 19 years experience as a gradebook provider GradeSpeed has always supported the technology used in schools: DOS → Mac → Windows → Web

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“Take your gradebook to the next level with GradeSpeed.NET”

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Presentation Transcript

Gradebook FeaturesPresentation

“Take your gradebook to the next levelwith GradeSpeed.NET”


Campusware company history

  • 19 years experience as a gradebook provider
  • GradeSpeed has always supported the technology used in schools: DOS → Mac → Windows → Web
  • One of the first web-based grading systems
  • Developed our first ODBC interface in 2000
  • Developed ODBC interfaces with the most advanced SI systems
  • GradeSpeed has included a web-based parent portal for ten years
  • GradeSpeed.NET 4.0 is implemented in the Department of Defense Education Adminstration, Northside ISD, Ysleta ISD and Pasadena ISD
    • Among the 100 largest districts in the US
  • GradeSpeed.NET 4.0 is being implemented for Metro Nashville Public Schools.

The gradebook – an overview

  • Security features – virtual keyboard, login notification
  • Automatic restorable backups
  • Designed with efficiency in mind
  • Uses Active Directory to simplify access and increase security
  • Supports automatic class grouping
  • Allows student grades to be transferred automatically within the district
  • Each feature can be administered at the campus OR area OR district level

Categories and weights

  • Teacher-defined or preset
  • Color-coding for clarity and organization
  • Intelligent options for dropping low grades
  • Percent and Multiple weighting options
  • Automatic category handling for grouped courses


  • Easily create and manage assignments
  • English and Spanish assignment titles
  • State objectives association
  • Automatically add assignments to grouped classes
  • Rubric assignments
  • Attach homework documents to be available in ParentConnection


  • Arrow key control
  • “Enter moves down”
  • Column management or scrolling page
  • Attendance indicated on grade cells
  • Average display options
  • Access to previous cycles – read-only or full access
  • Advanced grade entry:
    • By student
    • By assignment
  • Indicators visible on the main gradekeeping page
  • Supports alpha and numeric grade entry


  • Simple, one-click teacher entry
  • Teacher submissions posted to SIS within 90 seconds
  • Office changes pulled from SIS to GradeSpeed within 15 minutes
    • Teachers and administrators see nearly real-time attendance records
  • If teachers will use an SIS tool to collect attendance:
    • GradeSpeed will still pull attendance from SIS
    • Attendance records will be available in ParentConnection
    • Teachers can view attendance and run attendance reports from the gradebook

Seating Chart

  • Allows free-form student arrangement
  • Ability to display student pictures
  • Teachers can take attendance from the seating chart
    • Can be printed for substitute teachers

Other gradebook tools

  • Attach student documents
  • Create custom fields
  • Generate reports
    • Grade List
    • Category Averages
    • Conduct / Comments
    • Assignments
    • Missing Assignments
    • Class Roster
    • Grade List (Paper Saver)
    • Attendance Roster
  • Failure Report
  • Honor Roll Report
  • GradeSpeed Monitor tool
  • Teacher access to student groups
  • Ability to print or email configurable progress reports

Administrative overview

  • Flexible, advanced User Management
  • Seamless interface with SIS
  • Powerful reporting tools can condense administrators’ job duties
  • Custom report card module can decrease load on SIS servers while increasing performance and accuracy
  • Simple tools and reports to allow administrators to monitor and report on grades, attendance and other custom information.

User Management

  • Flexible account management – user privileges can be customized
  • Offers custom templates for different user types (principal, counselor, data clerk, etc.)
  • Integrates with Active Directory - with a single login profile (matching the network login), a user can:
    • Access multiple roles within the district
    • Access multiple products within the GradeSpeed software package
    • Teachers can access multiple gradebook accounts within the district
  • Offers a read-only option for all rights – ideal for users with limited privileges
  • Tiered administrative structure – district, area, and campus level accounts

Primary tools

  • GradeSpeed Monitor – schedule viewer
    • “Last updated” date
    • Per-student or per-teacher view
    • Reflects the flow of data between GradeSpeed and SIS
  • View Gradebooks - Allows administrative users to view a teacher’s gradebook
    • Ideal for principals or support staff

Office attendance

  • Most advanced interface with SI systems
    • Post attendance every 90 seconds; pull changes every 15 minutes
    • Using the teacher component reduces the load on the SMS server
    • Allows teachers to see changes made by office staff
  • Useful reporting tools
    • Teacher progress
    • Teacher verification
    • Daily attendance summary
    • Attendance totals by code
    • Attendance changes
  • Efficient entry tools
    • Attendance by teacher
    • Attendance by student
    • Attendance by activity code (student group)


  • Useful grade reports – can often replace reports run in SIS
    • Honor roll
    • Failure list
    • Blank grade
    • Progress reports
    • Failure rate
    • Eligibility
    • State objectives
    • Gradebook activity
  • Custom reports
    • Can be generated using standard report viewer or Crystal Reports viewer
    • Can be saved as a file (ex. Excel) that will pull fresh data every time

Database manager

  • Define codes
    • Attendance codes
    • Activity codes
    • Time codes
  • Define parameters
    • Grade conversion charts
    • Student data
    • Teacher data
    • Report card standard/benchmark configuration

Tools and Settings

  • School settings
    • All crucial settings housed in one place
  • Activity codes
    • Group students and associate teachers with groups
  • Restore teacher backup
  • School groups
  • Voice server
  • Scheduled tasks


  • Parent-initiated OR district-initiated account creation
  • Secure – supports SSL
  • Trigger parental notification system – email, phone call, or text message
  • Access to report cards
  • School calendar


  • Online course request system
  • Interacts seamlessly with SIS to load requests for scheduling
  • Requires minimal one-time setup
    • Uses current course catalog from SIS
    • Courses can be organized to give students recommendations
  • Separate roles for teachers, counselors, and students
  • Quick and painless approval process for requests