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Our school system. General compulsory education. In 1774 Empress Maria Theresia established the general compuslory education ( from the age of 6 to 12). In Austria children must attend school for 9 years. Childcare.

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Our school system


Our school system

General compulsoryeducation

In 1774 Empress Maria Theresia establishedthegeneralcompusloryeducation (fromtheageof 6 to 12).

In Austria children must attendschoolfor9 years.

Our school system


In Nussdorf-Debantwehave a Mother-Child-Center, a instituitionthatcaresforchildren, whoseparentsareworking. The childrencanstaytherefrom 7a.m. to 7p.m. The childcare also isopenedthewholeyear.

Our school system


In Nussdorf-Debantthere also is a kindergarten, wherechildrenfirstcangotowhentheyare 3 yearsold. In Austria itiscompulsorytoattendkindergartenfor1 year.

Our school system

School Regulation

In Austria it‘spossibletorepeat a certainclass (course) if a pupilfails it. If a pupil‘sschoolcertificatecontainsmorethantwo „Nicht Genügend“ (E) he/shehastorepeattheclass (course). But iftheschoolcertificateONLYcontainstwo„Nicht Genügend“ (E), there still isthechanceofdoing a repeatexamination in autumn.

Our school system


  • In Austria thereare 5 different grades:

  • A  Sehr gut (1) – best grade

  • B  Gut (2)

  • C  Befriedigend (3)

  • D  Genügend (4)

  • E  Nicht Genügend (5)

Our school system

Elementary School

  • Every Austrian childhastoattendelementaryschool (fromtheageof 6 to 10)

  • Subjects:

  • German, Mathematics

  • Religion, P.E., Music, GeographyandHandicrafts. Someschools also offerscientific-orientatedsubjects.

Our school system

Overall Duration of 10 Years

Our school system

New Secondary School

  • Pupilsattendourschoolfromtheageof 10 to 14.

  • Ourschoolputsthefocus on:

  • Music, Italian und Informatics

  • Other subjects:

  • German, Mathematics, English

  • History, Geography, Biology, Music, Physics, Chemistry, Cooking, Handictrafts, P.E., Informatics,…

Our school system

Secondary School

This school type issimilartothenewsecondaryschool. In ordertobeadmitted, theschoolcertificatemustn‘tcontain grades worsethan „Befriedigend“ (C)

Our school system

Special Needs School

This school type isdesignedfordisabledchildrenorforthose, whohavelearningproblems. Classescontainonlyfewpupilsandtheteachersarespeciallytrained (have a specialeducation) in ordertoteachthem. Childrenfromtheageof 6 to 16 attendtheseschools.

Our school system

Different Choices

1 Year: Polytechnic Institute (POLY)

3Years: Vocationals Schools (LLA, HF)

4Years: High School (GYM, BORG) A-Levels

5 Years: Vocational Schools withhighereducation (HAK, HLW, HTL) - vocationaleducation - A-Levels

Our school system

Duration of 1 Year

Our school system

Polytechnic Institute

In Austria children must attendschoolfor 9 years. Afterwardstheycanattendthepolytechnicinstitute, whichlastsfor 1 year. Theretheypupilsreceivevocationaltraining. The focusis on (freechoice):




Business & Office

Our school system


  • After completingthe 9 compulsoryschoolyears, everychildcandecideto do an apprenticeship. The apprenticeshiplastsfor 3 to 4 years.

  • In Austria thereis a dyadicsystem:

  • The traineeswork in a company

  • Every yeartheyhavetoattend a vocationalschool

Our school system

Duration of 3 Years

Our school system

Agricultural School

This school type lastsfor 3 yearsandthefoucsis on agriculture. The male pupilsreceive a moretechinc-basededucation (woodprocessing, machineengineering).The femalepupilsrecive a moreservice-basededucation(cooking, serving)

Our school system

Tourism School

This type ofschoollastsforthreeyearsandthefocusis on tourism, cookingandservice.

Our school system

Duration of 4 Years

Our school system

Higher secondaryschool (BORG)

This school type lastsfor 4 years (ageof 15 to 18) andpupilsgraduateattheageof 18. Thenthey also gettheir A-Levels.

The focusis on:




Our school system

Duration of 5 Years

Our school system

Commercial Academy (HAK)

This school type lastsfor 5 yearsandthefocusis on economicsubjects.

Itofferssubjects such asinformatics, languages, accounting,…

Atthe end ofthe 5 yearsthepupilsgettheir A-Levels andsimultaneouslycomplete a salesmanoccupation.

Our school system

Commercial High School (HLW)

This school type also lastsfor 5 yearsandthefocusis on tourism. Atthe end ofthe 5 yearsthepupilsgettheir A-Levels andsimultaneouslycomplete a educationfortouristicjobs (cook, waiter/waitress, receptionis)

Our school system

Technic Institution (HTL)

Pupilshavetoattendthis type ofschoolfor 5 years. Itoffersvariousdiciplines: construction, design, electricalengineering, mechatronics, aircraftconstruction,…

Our school system

Admission RequirementsforUniversities in Austria

  • School

  •  A-Levels

  • Apprenticeship

  •  qualifyingexamination in ordertobeallowedtoattenduniversity