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BELL WORK. What do you fear?. Mental Disorders. Scary Mental Disorders . Ronald DeFeo Jr. . Killed his father, mother, and four siblings with a rifle while they were sleeping He said voices in his head told him to do it

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What do you fear?

mental disorders

Mental Disorders

Scary Mental Disorders

ronald defeo jr
Ronald DeFeo Jr.
  • Killed his father, mother, and four siblings with a rifle while they were sleeping
  • He said voices in his head told him to do it
  • Was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder as well as abusing LSD and heroin
  • Found Guilty of six counts of second degree murder and is currently still in prison.
  • His story along with the Lutz family inspired the movie and book “The Amityville Horror”
son of sam
Son of Sam
  • David Berkowitz terrorized New York City from 1976-1977
  • Is said to suffer from antisocial personality disorder
  • Told police a neighborhood dog possessed with a demon told him to kill
  • Inspired many movies including “Son of Sam”
ed gein
Ed Gein
  • Inspiration for Psycho, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Silence of the Lambs
  • American murder and body snatcher
  • Initially found unfit to stand trial and confined to a mental institution, later found guilty and imprisoned in a mental institution
ted bundy
Ted Bundy
  • American Serial Killer initially charged in Utah in 1975
  • Confessed to over 30 homicides
  • Was believed to be a sociopath or antisocial behavioral disorder
  • Died in the electric chair in Raiford Prison in Florida.
halloween movies and phobias
Halloween movies and phobias
  • Horror movies scare us through the exploitation of our fears
  • Examples :
  • Fear of clowns because of the movie It
  • Fear of showering after seeing Psycho
  • Fear of swimming after seeing Jaws
  • Fear of sleeping caused by watching Nightmare on Elm Street
fear of paranormal
Fear of Paranormal
  • Viewmont High School: Ted Bundy abducted one of his victims from this high school, reports of seeing her and his yellow VW bug still exist today.

Clearfield - Holt Elementary School/Stede's Pond - In the late 80's a fifth grade boy died in the late Spring/early Summer after school one day.  He went swimming in nearby Stede's Pond and drowned.  Teachers, students and visitors to the school have spotted the boy wearing a wet white T-shirt and shorts.  It was eventually determined that he was a ghost when his appearance did not change over several years.  He is most frequently seen at the back steps of the school, which always have puddles of water or wet footprints on them.  He often waves before vanishing. Frequently the back door is mysteriously locked or unlocked.  At Stede's pond you may hear crying and calls for help.


Layton - Layton Hills Mall - It's rumored that the Layton Hills Mall was built on "ancient Indian burial ground." However, unlikely that may seem, the Mall is haunted. Nearly every employee in all the stores has encountered unexplainable activity. The night security guards and cleaning crew frequently encounter "shadows" and hear strange noises. The potted plants are usually uprooted every day but nothing shows up on the security cameras. A former employee reports the phone would ring off the hook, but the caller id would show that no one called. Mannequins in store windows would move overnight. Other weird stuff happened there as well.


Ogden - Weber State University - Social Science Building - Second Floor of the English/Social Science Building is where a deranged student was shot by a University police officer. Apparently, the 22 year old male student was angry that his girlfriend dumped him and decided to start shooting at her and her classmates. During class, around 1:30pm, students have reported hearing shots and screams. Other unexplained activities such as a feeling of being watched have occurred as well.


Ogden- Highland Jr. High- has been said by eight grade girl students that the school is haunted. The bathroom on the H-Hall when girls go in there the lights flicker on and off, and the sinks turn on. They claim to see a little girl saying HELP ME in the mirror. They try to run out, but they get locked in for at least five minutes.


Roy- Roy Jr. High – there is a story of a kid that died there in the shop class in 1980 and they say he died on a table saw and now if you are in the shop class some times you can heear the new table saw (put in the same areas as the old one) start by itself and if you are their by yourself you can hear it start up and you can hear it get jammed and also hear faint screams for help and in the cafeteria you can hear a newborn baby girl crying she is believed to be there since she fell off the stage and died


Roy- Sand Ridge Jr. High- There are nine ghosts and one is a little girl who can be heard talking to people on tape recorders. Then there is a boy from Roy High who walks back and for the from each school. The schools are right next to each other. One of the boys go sucked into a moving train with his bike. A couple of them were in car accidents. Teachers after school can hear children playing in the gym and feel breathing on their necks. Strange activity has also been witnessed.


Roy - Roy High School - The first ghost is of a girl by the name of Mable. No one knows how she died but she stays in the large auditorium around back stage, and the winding stairs. Most of the time, she plays tricks by turning lights off or on, moving props, making props disappear, scarring people, and making her presence known. The second ghost is a lady in a purple hat. She's also on the large auditorium stage a ways away from the wood pile. She tries to get people to follow there but no one will since she gives off an eerie and evil aura. The third ghost is a only a floating head on the left upper balcony but, sometimes it seemed more then a head up there. It sounds as if someone is moving the lights along with cords. The fourth and last ghost roams the entire school but mostly the halls. When the school has hardly anyone in there or someone is walking alone, you can feel as if someone is glaring or around you. He walks right next to you but if he were alive, you would feel his breath on your skin or smell his shampoo. It has been said that he was hit by a train walking to school.