propaganda in mao s last dancer n.
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Propaganda in Mao’s Last Dancer

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Propaganda in Mao’s Last Dancer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Propaganda in Mao’s Last Dancer. Group members: Tay Kiat Jun, Robin Ho, Bryan Ang , Liu Tianyi . What is Propaganda specifically?.

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propaganda in mao s last dancer

Propaganda in Mao’s Last Dancer

Group members: Tay Kiat Jun, Robin Ho, Bryan Ang, Liu Tianyi.

what is propaganda specifically
What is Propaganda specifically?
  • It is any effort to spread an idea. It can take many forms. It may be talk between people or words on the printed page. It may be films flashed on a screen or sounds transmitted over the air. It may be pictures at an exhibition or songs in a show.
where did it originate from
Where did it originate from?
  • The word “propaganda” comes from the Latin verb propagare, “to propagate”. Originally “propagate” meant “to reproduce” or “to spread”.
  • The word “propaganda” may well have been first used in its present meaning when Pope Gregory XV set up the Sacred Congregation of Propaganda in 1622.

In the classic sense, propaganda is the art of communicating a message. But it goes beyond communicating. It reaches the point of persuading others.

  • Because propaganda at times has helped stir people into violence, it is often thought to be bad. But propaganda can be good or bad, depending on its aims.
how was it spread
How was it spread?
  • Beginning about 1915, motion pictures became a forceful means of influencing people. Radio reached its full development in the 1920’s, and television followed on its heels.
  • Printing is perhaps the most popular way to reach large numbers of people.
how was it spread1
How was it spread?
  • In the book, Mao's Last Dancer, propaganda was often used by the People's Republic Of China. For example, propaganda was used in the book when during Li Cunxin's school days.
what was mao s purpose
What was Mao’s purpose?
  • Propaganda was used by Mao towards the people of China. The people of China were repeatedly told and brainwashed that America is the poorest country while China is the most affluent country.
the red guards
The Red Guards
  • In the book, Red Guards went around spreading communism and they brought accused to a place where they would be prosecuted, for something they have not done. Some were prosecuted just because they posed a threat to the communist government.