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Case Studies. Telecoms. Claro: Telecoms. Project Highlights Claro, a Mobile Network Operator and tower owner, utilized the UGE Fusion system to power its off-grid telecom towers. The lack of reliable power and the high cost of diesel resulted in high opex at off-grid sites:

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claro telecoms
Claro: Telecoms
  • Project Highlights
  • Claro, a Mobile Network Operator and tower owner, utilized the UGE Fusion system to power its off-grid telecom towers. The lack of reliable power and the high cost of diesel resulted in high opex at off-grid sites:
  • UGE Fusion offers an economic
  • and renewable alternative including:
    • Site evaluation
    • Increased sustainability
    • System design
    • Ongoing maintenance
  • Claro achieved high payback while
  • still ensuring power reliability

Project Details

Location: Argentina

Site Details: 1 kW load, 24 hrs/day

Coordinates: S 43°34’ W 65°20’

Avg. Wind Speed: 7.37 m/s

Annual Diesel OPEX: ~$9,000

UGE Solution:

UGE Fusion: 1 UGE-4K, 500 Ah battery back-up, 5 kVA generator

Generator Runtime Reduction: 97%

Fusion CAPEX: $40,000

Fusion OPEX: ~$4,500

Annual OPEX Reduction: 50%

ROI:5.3 years

verizon wireless telecoms
Verizon Wireless: Telecoms
  • Project Highlights
  • In 2012, UGE analyzed an off-grid Verizon site in Shasta National Forest, CA which depended on propane for power. The site lacks access to the grid and is unreachable through the winter months. UGE designed and installed a wind/solar/ storage system which offset the amount of propane needed to power the site.
  • UGE Fusion offers an economic
  • and renewable alternative including:
    • Site evaluation
    • System design
    • Ongoing maintenance
  • Verizon Wireless achieved high payback while improving power reliability

Project Details

Location: Bear Mountain, CA, USA

Site Details: 1 kW load, 24 hrs/day

Other: Off-grid site unreachable for refueling at least four months of the year

UGE Solution:

UGE Fusion: 1 UGE-4K wind turbine, 3kW solar PV, 2500 Ah

battery back-up

Estimated Generator Runtime Reduction: 84%

Annual Fuel Savings: $8,300

Estimated ROI: 4.7 years

jp morgan chase the benefits of energy security
JP Morgan Chase: The Benefits of Energy Security
  • Project Highlights

In 2012, UGE worked with JPM to design a customized renewable energy solution to address the company’s energy security needs:

  • JPM branches have continued to lose power several times annually over the course of several years
  • Losses have measurable negative
  • economic impact on business
  • UGE system designed to both net meter and provide primary power when grid is down
  • Based on internal JPM study, UGE
  • system has payback of 2 - 3 years

Project Details

Montauk & Mattituk, NY, USA

Site Details: 1kW load, 24 hrs/day

Average Wind Speed: 6.0 m/s

Solar Capacity Factor: 17%Number of Outages: ConfidentialTotal cost due to Outage: Significant but Confidential

UGE Solution:

UGE-4K wind turbine

2kW solar, 1330 Ah, 48V battery

Annual Energy Production:

14,400 kWh/year

CAPEX: $196,000ROI: 2-3 years

lincoln financial field savings and sustainability
Lincoln Financial Field: Savings and Sustainability
  • Project Highlights
  • In 2012, UGE provided a solution to the Philadelphia Eagles that enables the organization to promote the social, ecological and financial benefits of going green:
  • Lincoln Financial Field generates the most electricity of any NFL stadium
  • First professional stadium in US capable of generating all of its electricity onsite
  • Stadium is also a zero waste facility. Refuse is hand processed for recycling or compost to eliminate landfill

Project Details

Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA

Total capacity: 3.1 MW (Wind + Solar)

UGE Solution:

14 UGE-4KX, grid tied


$3 million per year

Sustainability: Solar and wind 100% energy offset on non-game days

texas a m university universities large residencies
Texas A & M University: Universities & Large Residencies
  • Project Highlights

In March through May of 2012, UGE worked with Texas A&M to offset a large portion of the university’s energy consumption as well as to better educate students about engineering and the renewable sector.

  • Installed 11 UGE wind turbines
  • Installation complies with the City of Corpus Christi wind ordinance
  • Turbines generate less noise than an average air conditioning unit
  • All turbines mounted on galvanized steel, hurricane rated stationary towers, critical given the campus’ location on the gulf coast
  • Project Details
  • Location: Corpus Christi, TX, USA
  • UGE Solution:
  • 11 of UGE’s state of the art hurricane rated turbines:
    • 3 UGE-9Ms
    • 8 UGE-4KXs 
  • Estimated Installed Capacity: 92 kW
  • Estimated Annual Energy Production: 217, 946 kWh
  • Savings: ~$18,000 - $25,000 annually in utility costs
  • Sustainability: 300 tons of CO2 emissions displaced annually
lexington farms leed platinum certified residential community
Lexington Farms: LEED Platinum Certified Residential Community
  • Project Highlights

In January 2011, 32 eddyGT units were installed at the new Lexington Farms residential development in suburban St. Louis. This development is the first LEED Platinum community of its kind in the United States. The hybrid installations nearly eliminated electricity bills for the development’s low income residents:

  • Installed 32 hybrid systems, including roof-mounted eddyGTs
  • Demonstrated clean energy systems can be affordable
  • Project has had no major warranty issues in over two years

Project Details

Location: Jerseyville, IL, USA

UGE Solution:

32 eddyGTs

Installed Capacity: 32 kW

Energy Production: Hybrid system supplies nearly all the energy required for 32 homes

Savings: More than $54,000 annually in utility costs

Sustainability: LEED Platinum certified

australia catholic university green star design rated
Australia Catholic University: Green Star Design Rated

Project Highlights

The new National Centre for Health and Wellbeing is designed to achieve a 6 Star Design rating under the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star Education v1 tool.

The installation was an extension of the school's sustainability and energy plan and a demonstration site for mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and fluid dynamics students.

Project Details

Location: Fitzroy, Australia

Avg. Wind Speed: 5.5 m/s

Solution: Six UGE-4K's installed on the roof of the school. Installed by UGE Partner Urban Wind Power, and designed by Abigroup, an Australia-based design, consulting, and construction firm.

UGE system designed for the expansion of its Melbourne Campus in Fitzroy, a state-of-the-art learning and research facility

millennium plaza in valladolid 21 st century sustainability
Millennium Plaza in Valladolid: 21st Century Sustainability
  • Project Highlights
  • 9 eddyGTs were installed as a part of the renovation of the Plaza Milenio (Millennium Plaza) in Valladolid.
  • The wind turbines were brought forward by an architecture firm that was looking to highlight and augment the sustainability aspect of the entire project
  • Some of the wind turbines were installed on the emblematic Puente del Cubo in the center of the city
  • The project reflects the advancement of Valladolid into the 21st century by creating an emblematic space

Project Details

Location: Valladolid, Spain

Avg. Wind Speed: 5 m/s

UGE Solution: 9 eddyGTs

The customer has achieved their goal of drawing attention to the sustainability initiatives of the city.

The turbines and towers are both a distinctive custom color which allowed them to blend well into the existing structure. 

5 eddygts for bmw
5 eddyGTs for BMW
  • Project Highlights
  • As the first authorized dealership of the new BMW 5S, the overall architectural and sustainable design of the building exceeded local green building standards.
  • A number of renewable energy sources, including UGE’s wind turbines, and solar PV, were introduced from the design phase to offset electricity consumption at the site
  • The BMW dealership, Beijing Star Double, chose to decrease its impact on the environment by partnering with UGE to develop and install the hybrid wind and solar system

Project Details

Location: Beijing, China

Completed: January 2012

UGE Solution:

100 kW Solar, 5 eddyGTs

Large hybrid system offsets significant portion of energy consumption while feeding energy to batteries.

“Beijing Star Double has taken full advantage of the environment to decrease its reliance on traditional fuel sources. The variety of clean and renewable energy sources, including over 1500 square meters of solar panels, are focused around the wind turbine system at its center.”


burger king visible sustainability
Burger King: Visible Sustainability
  • Project Highlights
  • Integrates seamlessly with the local grid
  • Forges way for other businesses in the area to consider renewable energy
  • Visible statement of company’s commitment to sustainability
  • Takes advantage of local incentives to provide a short payback to the customer

Project Details

Piding, Germany

Completed: October 2011

Solution: Turbine connected into the local grid offsets energy consumption from the restaurant directly

UGE Solution:

UGE-4K turbine with grid-tie electronics and a custom monopole tower

the town school the first wind turbine at a nyc school
The Town School: The First Wind Turbine at a NYC School
  • Project Highlights
  • Manhattan’s first wind turbine at a school was celebrated in June 2012, when New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg commissioned the eddyGT installed at the Town School. Students ranging from nursery school to 8th grade can learn about renewable energy and study in a clean energy powered classroom:
  • Gift of the Class of 2009
  • Installation complies with New York City’s wind ordinance
  • Students can see the turbine in operation and monitor its energy production through the web portal

Project Details

Location: New York, NY, USA

UGE Solution:


Installed Capacity: 1 kW

Estimated Annual Energy Production: 1,200 kWh

Savings: ~$180 annually in utility costs

Sustainability: On-site renewable energy generation reduces grid-tied energy use and environmental footprint, while supporting the school’s mission

city of pingquan outdoor hybrid lighting
City of PingQuan: Outdoor Hybrid Lighting
  • Project Highlights
  • In December 2012, UGE helped to improve the infrastructure of a PingQuan, a fast developing town in Hebei province, China:
  • "We love it. We haven‘t had a single issue since they were installed, and people ask about the project all the time. Almost every day we have people stopping to take pictures.”
  • PingQuan's Procurement Manager
  • Project Details
  • Location: PingQuan, Hebei Province, China
  • UGE Solution:
  • 105 street lights each equipped with:
  • One HoYi! Turbine (200W)
  • Two 280W Solar Panels
  • Total Savings:
  • UGE Solution: $550,000
  • Traditional Lighting: $560,000
  • Annual Electricity Savings: ~$9,500
  • Positive cash savings from Day 1 and $100,000 in savings over 10 years
bn group bip industries outdoor hybrid lighting
Bn Group, BIP Industries: Outdoor Hybrid Lighting
  • Project Highlights
  • In December 2010, UGE and the City of Busan worked together to bring the city’s first hybrid outdoor lighting solution to life to demonstrate the city’s commitment to the environment
  • Sanya hybrid street lamps placed in a diverse set of topographies to test performance based on location: The seaside, high altitudes, and a basin area
  • Combination of wind and solar
  • has allowed lights to stay on every night since installation
  • Due to Busan’s location on the coast, systems have withstood two tsunami's since installation
  • Project Details
  • Location: Busan, South Korea
  • Amisan Observatory, Hwamyung Arboretum, Busan Central Park, Taejongdae, and the Bn factory.
  • UGE Solution:
  • 11 UGE Sanya offgrid streetlights each unit utilizes:
    • 150W solar panels
    • 600W eddy
    • 84W LEDs for extra
    • illumination
    • Custom sails showing
    • customer’s logo
  • Annual Energy Production: 4,050 kWh
  • Sustainability: 8222 lbs of CO2 displaced per year
enshizhou crop drying project agriculture market
Enshizhou Crop Drying Project: Agriculture Market
  • Project Highlights
  • UGE implemented two agricultural drying rooms for the Hubei State Tobacco Bureau. The project uses UGE’s Oven Room Solution (ORS).
  • Existing process used primarily coal and diesel as fuel for drying
  • Hybrid solutions drastically reduces fossil fuel consumption
  • Won in competitive bidding
  • Exceeded expectations of the China Central Bureau
  • UGE ORS expected be implemented in more projects this year
  • Project Details
  • Location: Enshizhou, China
  • UGE Solution:
  • A hybrid solution that utilizes:
  • Wind Turbine
  • Solar PV
  • Air Source Heat Pump
  • Battery Bank
  • ROI: 6 years
  • Sustainability: Reduces fossil fuel use by over 95% while improving value of finished product