Do i have to pay rent for our house in queens
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Must I Still Pay Rent For Our Aparment If I have Been Forced Out In Queens By An Order Of Protection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Queens attorneys with Zelenitz, Shapiro & D\'Agostino explain whether you\'ll still need to pay rent if an order of protection forced you out of your apartment.

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Do i have to pay rent for our house in queens

Do I Have To Pay Rent For Our House In Queens

If Order Of Protection Forced Me?

If order of protection forced me
If Order Of Protection Forced Me?

During family court process and divorce cases, it's seen that the couples usually ask for an order of protection. Ask any Queens criminal attorney about those Orders and he'll clarify that they are meant to avoid nuisance, stalking, abuse and almost any other kinds of physical violence.

An order of protection

The order of protection or OP is placed to build policies about contact between. The paper is from a judge and the person who wants an OP files a case with a Family Offense Petition, so as to ask the judge to give an order of protection. Orders of Protection could be terrible to the economic position of a family. One may have to pay partly for the residence, as well as accommodation charges and all different bills. The terms of the Order of Protection depend upon what exactly was asked for the court to accomplish and the evidence provided.

If order of protection forced me1
If Order Of Protection Forced Me?

Lots of orders in the order of Protection

There are a lot of orders against the Respondent by the court in an Order of Protection. As an example, the opponent is not to communicate with, telephone or annoy the victim. He has to stay out of the house even when he owns the house and avoid the house, college, job, or other place where the sufferer could go. He may have a specified visitation with a child and has to pay the lawyer charges, rent or home loan payments and even for the clinical expenses, counseling, court costs, expenses for ruined property or home, etc.

If order of protection forced me2
If Order Of Protection Forced Me?

Who pays the rent?

Even when you are required to stay away from your home under an order of protection, you are always responsible for aping the rent or home loan. These problems are going to be addressed in the following hearing’s, in case you are a leaseholder or own the property. Call lawyer David Shapiro for additional information and official support as he is a professional in these cases.

If order of protection forced me3
If Order Of Protection Forced Me?

An Order of Protection usually lasts for 24 months, and if you however require protection after 2 years, you may ask the courtroom to renew the Order of Protection. There are documents that will be filled and you should assert why you still need protection. However, if you feel you no longer require an OP, you can make a written or perhaps oral request for the termination of the Order of Protection.

Attorney David Shapiro has extensive knowledge in these issues, and he is the best person to contact if dealing with issues related to Order of Protection. Hundreds and thousands of young couples have requested legal advice from him and got the most effective guidance under their situations. Irrespective whether you are seeking the order for your protection or are an offender in such cases. This could be a really emotional and complex period and it is vital to get a sensible legal assistance.

If order of protection forced me4
If Order Of Protection Forced Me?

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