Must i pay support if my children
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If My Children Refuse Visitation Do I Still Pay Support - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Friedman & Ranzenhofer explains whether you are required to pay support even if your children won\'t come for visitation.

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Must i pay support if my children

Must I Pay Support If My Children

Will not Come for Visitation?

Will not come for visitation
Will not Come for Visitation?

Divorcing or divorced partners usually have several questions about funds, money matters, child support and visitation. According to New York Divorce Law Attorney, the usual concerns that are questioned are if visitation rights could be withheld for delayed payments or can they be lowered relying on how much duration the children spend with the non-custodial parent. These are only some of the uncertainties or questions the divorced parents usually question their attorneys. However, it is vital for both parties to find out that child support and visitation are not dependent on each other.

Will not come for visitation1
Will not Come for Visitation?

The Child support

Child support is a preset amount of cash or funds that are determined by the court. The support deals with schooling, residing and health-related costs of the kid or children. Under the family law and public policy, child maintenance or support is a regular payment given by a parent after the end of relationship for the monetary advantage of the child or children. The money offered by the non-custodial parent is used for care and assistance of kids.

Will not come for visitation2
Will not Come for Visitation?

Child support and the visitation hours

Parents often feel mistakenly the amount of child support must connect with the time spent by the child with the non-custodial parent. There is a notion that whenever the kid is with the non-custodial parent, the parent is liable for all the ends of the child. Thus, in case a child spends a week or even the entire month with the non-custodial parent, the legal parent must not be given any child support. Well, according to law and as the skilled Attorney Bob Friedman, it makes no big difference if the child spends 1 day, a week or 30 days with the other parent. The child support stays the way it is and is not affected.

Will not come for visitation3
Will not Come for Visitation?

One more vital point to keep in mind is that a legal parent cannot refuse visitation in case the other parent is not paying or is not capable of paying the child support for some purpose. Many legal parents believe that refusing the visitation is the excellent technique to extort money from other spouse. It will hurt to see other parent get to be the better and interesting parent when the legal parent is working hard to satisfy the financial responsibilities. Hence, it will get alluring for the legal parent to use visitation duration as a weapon. Yet, one needs to understand that the child really needs both parents mentally and physical. For him, money isn't the issue. Hence, ending the visitation or reducing the visitation duration is not being fair to the child.

Will not come for visitation4
Will not Come for Visitation?

Contact New York Legal Help to address the nonpayment of child support which has to be dealt with the legal courts. Even when the non-custodial parent will try to refuse any economic assistance, he yet has a very important part to play in the kid's life. Speak about things with your lawyer, and he will guide you the best on these things and try and come out with an amicable circumstance which is beneficial for your child and you.

Will not come for visitation5
Will not Come for Visitation?

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