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HTML Graphics

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HTML Graphics. Objective Insert an inline graphic image. Displaying Graphics is EASY. The Web supports TWO methods for displaying graphics. Inline (onboard) image External image that is somewhere else. Inline Graphics. Appears directly on the web page

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html graphics

HTML Graphics


Insert an inline graphic image

displaying graphics is easy
Displaying Graphics is EASY
  • The Web supports TWO methods for displaying graphics.
  • Inline (onboard) image
  • External image that is somewhere else.
inline graphics
Inline Graphics
  • Appears directly on the web page
  • Gets loaded when the web page is loaded
    • Gif
    • jpeg
windows paint can t make gif files
Windows Paintcan’t make .GIF files!
  • Only makes .BMP files
  • Copy the image
  • Paste into PhotoEdit to convert to JPG or GIF format.
  • Save as .JPEG or .GIF from PhotoEdit.
an external image
  • Is NOT displayed with the web page.
  • The Browser cannot see the external image.
  • Needs a File Viewer
file viewer
File Viewer
  • An external application
  • the browser loads it automatically
  • when it finds the image file and
  • displays the image.
windows media player
Built in Player



Real Player

Real JukeBox

Napster…boo hiss!

External Images are NOT on the web page.

Viewer just sees an icon they can click.

Windows Media Player
say good by
Say Good By
  • If they leave to view an external image, they MAY not come back.
external viewer
External Viewer
  • Not just images
  • ANY image format.
    • Video
    • Sound
  • Not limited to .JIF or .JPG formats
insert an inline image
Insert an Inline Image.
  • First GET the image and put it into YOUR personal file.
  • Open the HTML file (Your web page file) with the text editor.
  • Move to the place in the document where You want the image to appear.(Just .JIF or .JPG…its inline).
  • Type <IMG SRC=“MyFileName”>
img src myfilename
<IMG SRC=“MyFileName”>
  • <IMG> is the tag for a inline image
  • To access the image you need to include the file name.


Is the SOURCE for the file.



don t forget
Don’t Forget!
  • Place the image in the same file as your HTML document.
center the image
Center the Image


<IMG SRC=“MyFileName”>

background gif
Background GIF

<BODY BACKGROUND = “clown.gif”>

fill the boxes with different colors
Fill the boxes with different colors

Build your own background Pattern.

Copy it to PhotoEdit

Save as a .GIF file.