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Inventors and Inventions

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Inventors and Inventions
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Inventors and Inventions

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  1. Inventors and Inventions Done By: Group 11 Killer King, Boon Keat, Jun Heng & Xiang Wei

  2. In 1795, a French officer,Nicolas Jacques Conte, belonging to the army of Napoleoninvented and patented the first quality pencil on earth. He was born in August 4 ,1755 and lived to 50 years and died at 6 December, 1805. He was born at Saint-Ceneri-pres-Sees in Normany. Who invented the pencil?

  3. He improved hydrogen gas and invented the hot-air balloon. He tried to make a balloon but the balloon was caught on fire. Mr Conte tried again and invented the hot-air balloon by accident. Other inventions of Mr Conte...

  4. History of the pencil Pencils originated from a Roman writing instrument called a stylus.Scribes used this thin metal rod to leave a light, but readable mark on papyrus (an early form of paper). Other early styluses were made of lead. • Pencils have been painted yellow ever since the 1890s. During the 1800s, the best graphite in the world came from China. As in China, the colour yellow is associated with royalty and respect. • Pencils has now been modified into mechanical pencils.

  5. It starts with a block of cedar (1) which is then cut into slats (2).The slats are then stained (3) and grooves are cut into one surface (4).Prepared leads are placed into the grooves (5) and a second slat is placed on top and bonded with the first (6). This 'pencil sandwich' is then passed through a milling process (7) to separate the individual pencils (8). The pencil is painted and finished (9 & 10), a ferrule crimped onto the end (11), and finally, an eraser is crimped into the ferrule (12). Process of making the pencil

  6. The pencil stroke can be erasable and non-toxic so it is very safe to use. Pencils can be used on extremely cold and hot days and can be used to write upside down We can use pencils longer than pens and it is also cheaper, isn't that great! Benefits of Mr Conte's invention of the pencil Joke: Americans tried to develop a pen that allows its astronauts to write upside down; but the Russians simply use a pencil.

  7. Mr Conte is efficient and perserverence as he tried to make the pencil and balloon in a few tries. Attitudes and Qualities of Mr Conte

  8. He took up many odd and different jobs which includes, a French painter, balloonist, army officer, and inventor of the modern pencil. Interesting fact about Mr Conte

  9. Interesting fact about pencils • Graphite blocks could be easily cut into sticks. These sticks were then wrapped in sheepskin or string, for stability. So, the first “pencils” weren’t wrapped in wood cases, as we know them now. • There is a lot of ways we can modified it.

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