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Pre-Training 2017 PowerPoint Presentation
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Pre-Training 2017

Pre-Training 2017

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Pre-Training 2017

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  2. Goals of the Evening • Meet and Greet the Whole UNF Counselor Team • Understand the Goals of UNF Camps • Learning about You: Goals and Growth • Understand the Direction UNF is taking with their Youth Programs • Pizza!

  3. Meet and Greet BINGO! You have 15 minutes! GO!

  4. See how amazing you all are? • This exercise is to show you how interesting you all are • OWN IT • Why is this important?

  5. The Importance of People • Camp is an experience most do not forget • The people at camp make the camp amazing because you develop friendships while being very vulnerable, but equal in all things – you survive by sheer character • You are a role model; if you realize who you are, it will be easy to give that part of yourself to your campers

  6. The Goals of Camp We teach life skills at camp • Effective Communication Styles of Communicators • Effective Listening Ethos, Pathos, Logos –Empathetic • Conflict Management OWL way • Healthy Habits Spiritual, Psychological, Environmental Physical • The Spirit of Community Interconnectedness • The Importance of Character Leadership

  7. One Question • We will go over all these in detail at camp, however start thinking about…. What is Leadership?

  8. Leadership Defined “Management is how to do things right, leadership is doing the right things.” -Peter Drucker and Warren Bennis

  9. Leadership “Flavours” • Many madmen were effective leaders, but terrible human beings • A true leader is the one guided by a deep set of PRINCIPLES that are unshakeable, based on UNIVERSAL TRUTHS

  10. Walking you through… Think about what is important to you in a list of single words… Eg. -Kindness-Justice-Dignity-Bravery

  11. Then add the next level…. Eg.-Kindness….to those who are in need of it-Justice….to all-Dignity….in the face of scorn-Bravery….when faced with uncertainty

  12. Exploring your centre…it will adjust, but should never fail Kindness to those who are in need of itJustice to allDignity in the face of scornBravery when faced with uncertainty

  13. With this center you radiate to the world… Family Kindness to those who need itJustice to allDignity in the face of scornBravery when faced with uncertainty Relationships Finances School Career Society Pleasure Church

  14. Lead from your We must lead from our heart (centre) and manage with our heads

  15. Your Heart is Amazing If you are tuned to your centre, your Heart is the two way radio to God! If you had that access, would you turn the dial? DON’T TURN THE DIAL!

  16. But where are we leading to? • Once you have the proper center, you can now define SPECIFIC goals for yourself What are your FINANCIAL, PERSONAL, RELATIONSHIP, CAREER Goals, Now and in Five Years? These are important to write down now, they are your destination.

  17. So Beginning and End….. • Center (Your Car!) GOAL (end point) What about this part?!!

  18. Your Road Map • Plan your trip! Now its time to use your mind! • Set out the streets, turns, road markers, coffee breaks, and sights to see along the way • BUT STICK TO THE MAP! (DISCIPLINE) if you don’t, you most likely will get lost! • If you realize the map is not getting you there GET A BETTER MAP

  19. Why does this matter? Why does my personal center, goals and road map matter to camp ?

  20. Remember this slide?

  21. Know thyself…. LOGIC: If you don’t‘ know how to drive a car, what route you are taking, and where you are going, should someone follow your example to get to their destination? If you don’t know yourself, you aren’t leading from anywhere If you know who you truly, honestly want to be, you have identified your centre!

  22. Director’s Pledge • I individually picked you because I believe in you and your abilities • I want you to see the same potential in yourself as I do • I pledge to you that I will help you in this journey, always – but you must want it first.

  23. UNF’s NEW Direction “In line with the principles of the UNF, Camp Sokil’s mission is to honour our Ukrainian heritage while providing a thoroughly Canadian context. Camp Sokil aims to provide the perfect setting for campers to develop life skills, build lasting friendships and learn about their Ukrainian ancestry. Through our dedication to quality programming, our thorough training of staff, and our “Golden Wings” Team, Camp Sokil prepares Ukrainian Canadian youth and children for leadership positions in society.“


  25. Soniashnyk! Or should I call you that? ;) There are many changes that are being made that will make you share in this motto and the symbolism of flight as well

  26. For your eyes only….;)

  27. Big Changes at UNF • The UNF is undergoing big changes that will focus on LEADERSHIP and youth • We are re-branding and re-focusing with you in mind • We plan to run Children’s Programs that are positive, enriching experiences for all parties involved, parents, children AND Counselors

  28. “You Belong Here”

  29. Welcome to the Family! Welcome to the UNF Family!

  30. LET’S EAT! Prayers and Pizza!