Preparing the first draft of your rhetorical analysis essay
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Week 9: Preparing for Draft 1.1 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Preparing the First Draft of Your Rhetorical Analysis Essay. Week 9: Preparing for Draft 1.1. Goals for Today. Review Structure of Rhetorical Analysis Essay Analyze the structure of graded samples Analyze successes and shortcomings of these samples

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Goals for today
Goals for Today

  • Review Structure of Rhetorical Analysis Essay

  • Analyze the structure of graded samples

  • Analyze successes and shortcomings of these samples

  • Activity - Analyze what is effective and what needs to be improved in your own drafts

Keep in mind
Keep in Mind structure?

  • The structure provided is a rough guide meant to give you an idea of what should be included in a rhetorical analysis essay and, more or less, in which order it should be arranged. As long as all of the necessary elements are present, variations are possible and encouraged.

  • We will review the structures introduced last week and see how they are used in graded samples.

Structure of a rhetorical analysis essay
Structure of a structure?Rhetorical Analysis Essay

  • Introduction

    • Context and Thesis

  • First Body Paragraph

    • First Rhetorical Choice

  • Second Body Paragraph

    • Second Rhetorical Choice

  • Third Body Paragraph

    • Third Rhetorical Choice

  • Conclusion

    • Summary of Overall Analysis

Introduction structure in detail
Introduction: Structure in Detail structure?

  • Context for Discussion

  • (2-4 Sentences)

  • Identification of Text, Author, and Main Point of Text

  • (1-2 Sentences)

  • Identification of Audience and Purpose

  • (1-2 Sentences)

  • Thesis

  • (1-2 Sentences)

Body paragraph structure in detail
Body structure?Paragraph: Structure in Detail

  • Topic sentence (introduction of choice)

  • Definition of rhetorical choice

  • Context sentence for first quote

  • Quote integrated into a sentence(the quote must include an example of the choice that will be discussed)

  • Analysis of choice (in terms of how it affects the audience and furthers the author's purpose)

  • Context sentence for second sentence

  • Second quote integrated into sentence

  • Analysis of choice in second quote

  • Concluding sentence

Structure of analysis
Structure of Analysis structure?

  • After the integrated quote you should discuss the following before moving on to the next quote:

    • How does the choice in the quote affect the audience?

    • Does the use of the choice appeal to ethos(authority, credentials, morals), pathos(feelings), or logos(logic)? If so, how?

    • How does using the choice (and the appeal it causes) help the author convince the audience to act upon the issue he or she presents(purpose)?

    • Why does it affect that particular audience?

  • This is the analysis of the rhetorical choice.

Conclusion structure in detail
Conclusion: Structure in Detail structure?

  • Restate Main Point(s) of Text

  • Restate Thesis

  • Briefly Summarize Analysis of Rhetorical Choices

  • Conclude by briefly discussing

    • whether or not the use of the three choices was effective and

    • how the three choices worked together to persuade the audience and help the author achieve his purpose

Graded student samples

Examining Structure structure?

What is effective?

What needs to be improved?

Graded Student Samples

Activity structure?

  • Groups of Two

    • Exchange Drafts

  • Please use the checklist I handed out to analyze your partner’s rough draft:

    • Examine the structure of your partner’s draft

    • I will walk around the room answering questions