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Presentations 101

Presentations 101

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Presentations 101

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  1. Presentations 101 Improving Your Presentation Skills Tips and Techniques some brand new Videoconferencing tips Paul Galvani University Of Houston Plus

  2. Presentations 101 Glossophobia

  3. Presentations 101 The Fear Of PUBLIC SPEAKING From the Greek Glosso meaning tongue and phobia meaning fear This is the Number One Fear of All Fears The Fear of DYING is Number Seven

  4. Presentations 101 “There are two kinds of speakers: Those who are nervous and Those who are liars” Mark Twain

  5. Presentations 101 Time is a valuable asset Your audience is investing in you They expect a return on their investment

  6. Presentations 101 One good idea Is the basis of all Good presentations What do you want your audience to remember?

  7. Presentations 101 S.O.S. Start Out Strong Finish Strong

  8. Presentations 101 It’s all in the PREPARATION “He who fails to prepare is Preparing for failure” Unknown REHEARSE, REHEARSE, REHEARSE

  9. Presentations 101 • The film critique • The sixty-second synopsis • A good broth

  10. Presentations 101 Know in advance to whom the presentation is being made Know how many people will be in attendance Know where the presentation is being made Know how long the presentation is supposed to be Check out the room in advance Know where the room and A/V controls are

  11. Presentations 101 • Physical Stuff • Where to stand • Where to look • Eye Contact • How to address the screen • What to do with your hands

  12. Presentations 101 You’d better have an…… Introduction, body and conclusion Or Tell ‘em what you’re gonna tell ‘em Tell ‘em, then Tell ‘em what you told ‘em

  13. Presentations 101 Humor is not your friend Beware of telling a joke A humorous story, if it pertains to the subject matter, may be beneficial

  14. Presentations 101 Use visuals to reinforce your points Remove visuals when they no longer apply Ensure that everything can be clearly Seen from the back of the room The rule of 6 (6 lines, 6 words)

  15. Presentations 101 • No monotones • Don’t mumble • Use a good range of voice, especially for emphasis • Watch the “ahs, ums” and “you knows”

  16. Presentations 101 If you have a lengthy handout, do not Pass it out until the end or If you have a series of smaller handouts It’s OK to hand them out as you go along

  17. Presentations 101 Be enthusiastic Be confident (Attitudes are contagious)

  18. Presentations 101 Please, please, please Don’t just read from a text

  19. Presentations 101 Watch the time

  20. Presentations 101 • NO • Thanking the audience • Saying “I’m really glad to be here” • Telling a joke • Saying “I’ve been asked to speak about..” • Apologizing (for anything) • Forcing your audience to say “Good Morning”

  21. Presentations 101 Be a Storyteller I’d like to share a story with you I’d like to paint a picture for you The best way for me to tell you about this Is to tell you about Richard.

  22. Presentations 101 Q & A Let the audience know whether you would like Them to ask questions during your presentation Or hold them until the end Remember, there’s no such thing as a Stupid question…….

  23. Videoconferencing 101 Videoconferencing tips Be on your very best behavior from the moment you set foot in the videoconferencing room until the moment you leave

  24. Videoconferencing 101 The camera magnifies everything. Don’t forget that your colleagues all over the World can watch you twirl your hair, pick your Nose or teeth, bite your lip, clench your jaw, Check your watch or Blackberry or scratch any Part of your body

  25. Videoconferencing 101 Even for videoconferencing from your home Office, make sure you dress below the belt As well. Else you run the risk of standing up To fetch something and getting caught with Your pants down

  26. Videoconferencing 101 Lean into the camera when you have A point to make

  27. Videoconferencing 101 Maintain eye contact with other live Participants as well as with remote viewers. Don’t just stare at the screen. Don’t gaze Away or seem detached. Don’t frown or slouch, Put your hands on your chin or bob up and Down in your chair. Avoid large hand and body motions. Don’t fall asleep.

  28. Videoconferencing 101 Rehearse at Kinko’s or video yourself At home and view it twice: first without The audio then again without the video

  29. Presentations 101 So, Did you get a good return On your investment?