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Muslim lands fall to imperialist demands PowerPoint Presentation
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Muslim lands fall to imperialist demands

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Muslim lands fall to imperialist demands
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Muslim lands fall to imperialist demands

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  1. A Brady Sprague Powerpoint Muslim lands fall to imperialist demands

  2. Pro/Con of Imperialism Background Information Effects of Imperialism Western Powers Involved Indigenous Response Results of Independence Table of contents

  3. Increase in the power of Great Britian, France and Ethiopia Modernization of Military in Ethiopia and Egypt 600% increase in Egyptian trade, postal service, 800 miles of rail lines, doubled cotton exports and thrity-fold revenue increases Explorers map the inner continent of Africa, headwaters or rivers found Freed slaves at British Sierra Leone become educated and distinguished Advantages of imperialism

  4. Egypt becomes paritally occupied by European powers after debts cannot be repaid Resistence in Algeria to the French invasion leads to thirty years of war in the region Disadvantages of imperialism

  5. Northern Muslim Africa became rapidly modernized, becoming at one point the center stage for world cotton exports. Gold exports increase to combat falling slave trade. Crimean war begins to divy up Ottoman territory Overall effects of imperialism

  6. Egypt began its rapid modernization to resist foreign invaders, and the debts of this led to partial occupation Ethiopia, a Christian state modernized to reclaim lands lost to Muslims Powerful African kings resisted aboltionism in British colonies because of the profit in the slave trade Historical background

  7. Ottoman Empire becomes smaller, and the first constitutioned Muslim state The defeat of the Russian Empire in the Crimen war will lead to its rapid industiralization Modernization throughout northern Africa Direct rule from Britian and France in holdings (Algeria, parts of Egypt) Effects of imperialism

  8. French forces invade Algeria in 1830 British invade Ethiopia, but later withdraw Both France Britian invade and partially occupy Egypt after debts owed to European investors cannot be repaid Russia fights Crimean war over Ottoman lands against Britian and France Western nations invovled

  9. Fierce resistence came from states like Algeria, where Muslim Holy man Abd Al-Qadir began a 30 year resistence movement Egyptian trade with the west grows 600% Ingidinous response

  10. In 1954 Algeria led a guerilla campaign and secured indpendence Alegeria is now part of OPEC and the Arab League, exporting oil for profit Egypt became independent of Great Britian on the 22nd of Feburary, 1922 after constant revolting from the people. Egypt is now the permadent center of the Arab League at Cairo Results of independence