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A Thousand Splendid Suns Part Two

A Thousand Splendid Suns Part Two. By: Sierra Riddle & Courtney Craig Period 1. Background of Chapter.

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A Thousand Splendid Suns Part Two

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  1. A Thousand Splendid SunsPart Two By: Sierra Riddle & Courtney Craig Period 1

  2. Background of Chapter • In the first few sections of my reading it mainly focuses on the life of Mariam and her husband Rasheed. In the very beginning it establishes that they are a happily newlywed couple just looking for love from one another but as the story develops things take an unsettling turn. After the miscarriage of their first child Rasheed started to act very resentful towards his wife. When he would arrive from work there would be little if any words exchanged and it seemed as if he was never pleased with Mariam not matter how hard she tried. As for Mariam, she had her own problems. Not only was her husband becoming more violent and hostile towards her but she was conflicted inside trying to establish who she was to blame, if any for the misfortune she was receiving. As well as dealing with the guilt of how her mother died and blaming herself for that as well.

  3. What is The Connection Between The two?

  4. Journal Entry # 1

  5. Vocabulary Intro • Vocabulary Words Definitions1). Salaam: a salutation meaning “peace,” used esp. in Islamic countries.2). Sofrah: a type of table cloth3).Daal: a thick, generally bland stew4). Chup ko:"shut up"5). Ghazals:stories6). Logari: a type of music and dance7). Namoos:pride; honor8). Panjpar: kind of game (similar to poker)9). Sabzi: a green vegetable10). Shorwa: a traditional soup eaten with bread11). Badmash:a person of bad character, sometimes used to refer to a naughty child12). Hamam: a bathhouse13). Moalim: friendly14). Pajalusta: "you're welcome"15). Poostin: upperclass; fancy; rich16). Bebakhsh: "I'm sorry"17). Fatiha: the first or opening sura of the Quran which is the central prayer of Islam18). Hijab: a headscarf worn by Muslim women19). Mozahem: imposter20). Pakol: a round-topped type of men's hat, usually made from wool21). Qurma: chicken stew22). Shaheed: martyrs23). Sujda: position for prayer

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