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A Thousand Suns Download

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A Thousand Suns Download

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A Thousand Suns Download

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After two years of silence and the almost self destruct 3rd album “Minutes to Midnight”, Linkin Park has launched its fourth album. The new album released is expected to be very different from the other one before it. Many people are searching the Internet for A Thousand Suns download. The lyrics and music of the new album “A Thousand Suns” has moved away from the usual heavy and angry sentiments this group is known for. There is an obvious positive and sentimental aura in the different songs featured in the album. All songs seemed to be interconnected with each other. Taking hold of the strength that came from within and leaving the past behind is what the album talks about. Music from the album came out unique to almost inspirational because of the group’s experiment of blending different music styles.

  • There has been some changes done to the instrument used. With the presence of the piano instrument plus the ever present electric guitar and drum machine sounds it came out to be more acoustic and synthetic. Rick Rubin was the producer who worked with the group. Together with a social networking site MySpace, Linkin park introduced a new segment in their new album A Thousand Suns download where anyone can take part of. From their lead single “Catalyst”, a portion will be taken for the fans to remix, rewrite or do anything different from the original song. The best job anyone can do will then be rated and included in the launching of the new album. These changes caused a diverse reactions to many music critics. Some didn’t like the changes the group did but others recognized it as part of the artistry of the group. While others were not happy with the changes, there were a number of people who find the changes part of the artistry of the group.
  • The leaders of the group Mike Shinnoda and Chester Bennington enjoyed recounting the hard work they did in this album. They cannot keep on with old ideas and tricks as they move on towards making the fourth album—it simply won’t work. Boring is what they are if it continues. Every great artist should go out of their comfort zone and try new things and explore new ground. Maturity and greatness come when this happens As expected, almost everyone accept and still support the changes in Linkin park.
  • You can get A Thousand Suns download in many websites at the Internet nowadays. Registration on this site is free—your name and valid email address is needed. All you need is to answer surveys from their advertisers and refer these sites to your friends. With this, you can get your thousand suns download for free.