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Scott Peterson

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Scott Peterson
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Scott Peterson

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  1. Scott Peterson

  2. Background • Born in San Diego, California • Father worked for a trucking company • Mother owned a boutique • Attended University of San Diego High School • Accepted to California Polytechnic State University • Graduated with a B.A in Agricultural Business • Worked in a Café as a waiter • This is where he meets his future wife • Didn’t have many friends

  3. Scott has never been in trouble with the law this was his first offense.

  4. The Murder • Convicted of murdering his wife • She also was pregnant • The trial got worldwide attention

  5. Evidence • The forensic evidence was a strand of hair • Finger prints found on body • Also found murder weapon • Scott changed his appearance and purchased a vehicle using his mothers name to avoid press.

  6. Sentence • Sentenced to death by lethal injection • Remains on death row

  7. Cultural References • In 2004, Peterson was played by Dean Cain in the film The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story • In 2005 he was portrayed in another movie, Amber Frey: Witness for the Prosecution

  8. I believe Scott falls under the Social Control Theory. Scott was a man that would care what others thought of him. His reasoning behind killing his pregnant wife was because he wanted to be single again. That is no reason to just kill a person him and his mistress who he was having an affair with planned out the murder of Scott’s wife. His attachment to this mistress was so severe that he killed his own wife for her. Scott could have had little attention as a child, with both of his parents always working. He could have loved this attention from the new girl so much that it caused him deviant behavior. Clearly Scott really cared what this mistress thought of him. He tried so hard to fit in with her and do anything she would say. He may have felt an impulse towards deviance but the social norm of almost being a father and a husband held him back for 8 months until he decided to kill his wife. The normal thing to do would just be to have a divorce. Scott got what he deserved and is sentenced to life. All because he fell for something he thought was a good idea just to be accepted by his new mistress.