Lion Er.Suresh Shirke,  
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Lion Er.Suresh Shirke,  

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Lion Er.Suresh Shirke,  

B.E., M.Tech. (Lon), DIC (Lon)                         SGS/ TISS-PRAYAS167 ,Dt. 7thyJune,2008.FIE, FIGS., MIIPA,                                                          Tel: 24226107, F: 24227200.   Former Director General, WALMI ,                              [email protected]

Aurangabad, SecyToGovt.                              M:9822024203,

Chairman,ISET (plc), IWRS ( plc)               "Kaumudi",Dnyaneshwar SocSantngrPUNE-9  

Chartered Engineer, Founder Member.     (In Google earth:" fly to" column type:

Dams and Development Council of India    "suresh shirke pune India"

Dist.Chairman,  WRM,

 Lions Clubs International,323D2.  

"Conserve Water -Save Life"  

Disaster Mitigation

Recommendations in

respect of

Floods and Earthquakes

{ÉÖ®úÉSÉä {ÉÚ´ÉÉÇxÉÖ¨ÉÉxÉɺÉÉ`öÒ b÷Éì{ɱɮú ®úb÷É®ú SÉÉ ´ÉÉ{É®

Restoration at Istanbul -Turky b÷Éì{ɱɮú ®úb÷É®ú SÉÉ ´ÉÉ{É®

Restoration at Istanbul –Turky b÷Éì{ɱɮú ®úb÷É®ú SÉÉ ´ÉÉ{É®

Recommendations / Conclusions in respect of Earthquakes. b÷Éì{ɱɮú ®úb÷É®ú SÉÉ ´ÉÉ{É®

1) In general IS Code 1893-1975/ 4326-1976 with recent modifications if any ,prescribed for the design in various earthquake zones. be followed in Civil Engineering Structures in particular the multi storied buoildings.. As a matter of fact if there is Specific law the situation can be handled effectively and uniformly through out the Country.

2)The RIS ( Reservoir Induced Seismisity ) concept is getting outdated. To say that Earthquake may take place while filling the lake or getting emptied is vague as it covers the entire period of the year. Earthquake Predicrtion (Time, Magnitude and Location )is still a matter of Research

3)Once the building has been cleared for occupation the Residents should not alter it by providing Roof Swimming Pools( -ofcoursse if not in design), Loading Cantiliver Balconies heavily,cutting columns to provide more Parking Place and so on.

4)The review of all important Buildings like Major Hospitals / Administrative Buildings be taken from strengthening point of view and keeping estimates ready . This will enable to carry out such works in due course of time.

5)Let us not waste time in who should do what –may it be Earthquake or Heavy Flood. Let us have positive approach and say what I can do /My Organization-Public or NGO, can do . Collecting and Donating Fiancial help is just one aspect of Disaster Mitigation . It is necessary to avoid / minimize casualties and financial losses.