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why do people make art l.
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Why do people make art? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why do people make art?

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Why do people make art?
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Why do people make art?

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  1. Why do people make art? Diego Rivera No. 9, Nature Morte Espagnole- National Gallery of Art

  2. Artists make art to tell a story…. • The story can be personal or historical… The painted scenes on the jar show the hero Herakles killing the rampaging Nemean lion and a battle between armed warriors http://www.artic.edu/cleo/amphora/amphora.html The Art Institute of Chicago website Claude Monet, On the Bank of the Seine, Bennecourt http://www.artic.edu/aic/collections/eurptg/24pc_monet.html The Art Institute of Chicago website

  3. Artists make art to enrich the environment with beauty and/or share the beauty that they experience in their lives… Paul Signac. Hillside from Downstream, Les Andelys, 1886. The Art Institute of Chicago, through prior gift of William Wood Prince http://www.artic.edu/aic/exhibitions/seurat/seurat_overview.html

  4. Artists make art to celebrate and express joyful emotion.. Edgar Degas, Ballet Scene National Gallery of Art, Washington Paris Through the Window, 1913. Marc Chagall Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

  5. Artists also make art to communicate the darker emotions that we all experience from time to time… The Red Tower (La Tour rougePeggy Guggenheim Collection. Giorgio de Chirico Barbara Kruger Untitled (Not Perfect), 1980 Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Pablo Picasso Woman Ironing, 1904. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

  6. Artists also make art to make us aware of what our cultural values, beliefs and concerns are…

  7. Dorothea Lange

  8. Other works in that category (made by students from lesson posted on http://www.portfolioseries.com/ )

  9. So what are the roles of artists in society? • To make our world more_________ • To make us see things we ordinarily wouldn’t ___________ • To make us ________ • To ______ us mentally, emotionally and spiritually

  10. Artists make art using a wide variety of materials and techniques

  11. Artists use their materials in specific ways to communicate meaning

  12. What do visual artists share with other subjects? • They research ideas, observe and experiment like…… • They move us and make us think and feel like…… • We look at works of art to discover the main idea/message like we…… in ……

  13. Other Art Forms • Music • Dance • Drama • Language Arts • These artists are also concerned with the same things that visual artists are. They just use different media/methods to communicate. All of the arts have things in common.

  14. Where do we find artists? • Video/film/tv industry (animation, set design, costume design, video production, photography, commercial design) • Advertising industry (for cars, food, clothes, homes, etc.) • Design industry [clothes, cars, homes, everyday products (dishes, shoes, lamps, tissue boxes, chairs, couches, etc) packaging design, interior decorators, architects, magazine design and layout, etc.] • Studio artists (painters, sculptors, fabric artists, ceramicists, photographers, printmakers)

  15. What do all those kinds of artists share in common? • They know how to use materials and techniques in certain ways that communicates to their audience • Relationships of qualities, elements and principles of design • Specific skills that often involve DRAWING. • In today’s world, this also involves computer technology.

  16. The Artistic Process Your inspiration/idea has to make you excited. • Brainstorm the theme. Collect visuals, research ideas, stories. Observe! Sketch! • Explore and learn about media and techniques. • Plan and design your works. • Create your work that you feel communicates something important. Reflect and revise your work as you create it. Teaching art links\Where and How Artists Get Ideas.htmWhere do artists get ideas printout. PDF

  17. Resources • http://lcweb.loc.gov/exhibits/wcf/wcf0013.html Dorothea Lange • http://www.portfolioseries.com • The Art Institute of Chicago website • National Gallery of art website • Smithsonian website • The Art Spirit, Robert Henri • http://www.princetonol.com/groups/iad/Files/ideas.htm The Incredible Art Department- Where and How artists get ideas