adjunct appointments 5 may 2014 n.
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Adjunct Appointments 5 May 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Adjunct Appointments 5 May 2014

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Adjunct Appointments 5 May 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Adjunct Appointments 5 May 2014. This powerpoint is to provide a broad overview of the changes to forms and processes in HRS for all Schools at UNE. The following information will be covered. School Contact Details Links Changes - Forms & Templates

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Adjunct Appointments 5 May 2014

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adjunct appointments 5 may 2014
Adjunct Appointments5 May 2014

This powerpoint is to provide a broad overview of the changes to forms and processes in HRS for all Schools at UNE. The following information will be covered.

  • School Contact Details
  • Links
  • Changes - Forms & Templates
  • Changes - Processes Level A-C, D&E adjunct appointments
  • General Information
  • Links
  • Honorary Appointments Policy & Procedures
  • Contract Expiries
  • HRS Contact Details
forms templates
Forms &Templates

Changes will have occurred to all forms & templates below:

  • Level A-C Nomination Form
  • Level D&E Nomination Form

All nomination levels require a word doc version of nomination form – if the word doc is signed the PDF is not necessary

  • Adjunct Appointment Outcomes Report
  • Adjunct Appointments Flow Chart – updated to reflect the new individual processes for A –C Adjuncts & Honorary Associates, D & E Adjuncts
  • Current list of Adjunct appointments
  • Adjunct Committee Membership
processes levels a c
Processes- Levels A-C
  • School identifies an appointment.
  • School & Nominee complete appropriate forms.
  • HoS approves appointment.
  • HRS will confirm receipt of paperwork.
  • HRS enters on database – 10 business days to process.
  • Nominee receives confirmation letter via email, HoS & Admin cc’d.
  • School organises IT access.
  • HRS saves all documentation on TRIM
processes levels d e
Processes - Levels D&E
  • Adjunct nominations need to be submitted to HRS 3 weeks prior to committee meeting: see Key Dates
  • Flying Minute may be held between meetings when appropriate.
  • After Committee meets, a decision will be made by Chair – this can take up 10 business days after meeting.
  • Outcome letter from Chair is sent to nominee.
  • If approved, terms & conditions to be signed and returnedt o HRS.
  • Once received, HR database updated & appointment confirmed with School
  • School organises IT access
  • 2 remaining 2014 Committee meetings: Fri 12 September, Mon 15 December
general information

General Information

IT information – organising email access rests with the School and the adjunct appointee– once the appointment is processed, HRS will update staff database for IT. Late applications may require a ‘heads up’ email or phone call to IT.

Nomination Start dates:

A-C: unless a date is nominated, the date of processing will be the start date

D&E: start date will be date of signed terms and conditions.

Reappointments – no CV is required, but an outcomes report must be provided with the reappointment form. Appointments will automatically run on from end of previous appointment.

Honoraries can have a separate contract with the university, such a contract is to be a fixed term, part time or casual basis for no longer than 6 months.

  • Honorary Appointments website content has just recently been updated -
  • New IT Account Registration Request for staff form -
  • Honorary Appointments Policy & Procedures -
policy procedures
Policy & Procedures

Currently under review! Any feedback is much appreciated.

contract expiry
Contract Expiry
  • Notifications – 4 weeks prior to appointment ending School and Staff member will receive the below email.
  • Next Step - paperwork needs to be submitted for a reappointment, or the School must inform honorary appointment of non-renewal of appointement.

UNE31: HVA Academic Contract Renewal

School of Education

Please note that the Honorary Appointment for Laura Wilson (Adjunct Lecturer) is due to end in approximately four weeks.

Should you require this Honorary to be reappointed, please submit the required nomination form, outcomes form and CV to Human Resource Services as soon as possible.

You can access the required documentation at

For further details please email

hrs contact details
HRS Contact Details

Our contact details:

HRS Phone: 6773 3705