History of criminal records and employment rights
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History of Criminal Records and Employment Rights - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Searching for the right kind of job is hard. But if you have criminal records, it might be harder. To help the people and giving them information about what is employment rights and how to exercise them, to protect these rights is to understand and ready to protect it.

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Criminal records
Criminal Records

Asked Questions about Criminal Records and Arrests

  • employers cannot ask you anything about criminal records nor arrests. But an open criminal charge that doesn’t lead to any disposition is an exception to this rule. Employers, however, they have permission to ask if you have any convictions.

Refused Jobs and Declines Licenses Because of Non-Conviction Arrests and Criminal Records

  • Employer cannot refuse to hire applicants based only on the fact that you have criminal records or you have arrests without any conviction of crime, no matter how many arrests an applicant has.

Job application completion
Job Application Completion

Lying or Failing to Disclose Information on Job Applications

  • Never Lie. If you lie or fail to add information and your employer finds out about the error in your application, you have no chance to redeem yourself or your employer will fire you if you already got the job.

Handling Questions Related to Criminal Records or Arrests on a Job Application

  • If a job application makes you list any criminal records, convictions or offenses, only list felony convictions and misdemeanor, not criminal records or arrests. If it is about any pending arrests and unadjusted arrests, lists only open arrests that did not lead to any disposition.

History of criminal records and employment rights

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