Alcohol ignition interlock program in the netherlands
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Alcohol Ignition Interlock program in The Netherlands - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Alcohol Ignition Interlock program in The Netherlands. The alcolock combined with a counseling support program. Rob van Beekum , Driver Rehabilitation Department/ Dutch Driving Test Organisation CBR Jan Vissers , DHV Environment and Transportation. Overview. Status DUI measures in NL

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Alcohol ignition interlock program in the netherlands

Alcohol Ignition Interlockprogram in The Netherlands

The alcolock combined with a counselingsupport program

Rob van Beekum, Driver Rehabilitation Department/Dutch Driving Test Organisation CBR

Jan Vissers, DHV Environment and Transportation


  • Status DUI measures in NL

  • Legal framework AII-program

  • Intended setup AII-program

  • Intended contents of support program

  • Possible reduction of casualties

  • Small scale experiment

Dui measures in nl present situation
DUI-measures in NL: presentsituation

  • Educational Measure Alcohol and traffic (EMA)- rehabilitation program- BAC 1.3 – 1.8 per mille

  • Medical-psychiatric assessment- BAC 1.8 per mille and higher

Dui measures in nl future situation
DUI-measures in NL: futuresituation

  • EMA - ‘light’- BAC 0.8 – 1.0 per mille

  • EMA - ‘standard’- BAC 1.0 – 1.3 per mille

  • Alcohol Ignition Interlock program- BAC 1.3 – 2.1 per mille

  • Medical - psychiatric assessment- BAC 2.1 per mille and higher

Legal framework aii program
Legal framework AII-program

  • Administrative law

  • Assumption: licence holder no longer meets required standards of driving

  • When BAC between 1.3 and 2.1 per mille: obligation to engage in AII-program

  • No participation or no completion: driving license invalidated for 5 years

Setup of the dutch aii program
Setup of the Dutch AII-program

  • All DUI offenders between 1.3 and 2.1 per mille

  • Duration: two years

  • Tailor-made support program for each participant

  • High participation rate and low failure rate

  • Costs of AII-device to be paid for by participants

  • Costs of support program to paid for by health insurance?

Principles of the support program
Principles of the support program

  • AII-device will be combined with a support program to improve efficiency of the measure (Marques et al, 2000 and 2004)

  • Support program will motivate participants to change their DUI behaviour and work on their alcohol dependency

  • Participants with ‘bad’ output will need more intensive support than participants with ‘good’ output: tailor-made support

Contents of the support program
Contents of the support program

  • Introductory phase:- several group sessions (introduction to AII-device, elements of EMA-program)- individual assessment interview

  • Standard support program:- no severe drinking problems- ‘good’ output from AII-device: standard program will be continued- ‘bad’/ ‘problematic’ output: motivation to participate in more intensive support program

  • Intensive support program- severe drinking problems/ alcohol dependency- intensive, more therapeutic support needed

Support program



Support program


Reduction of dui casualties
Reduction of DUI casualties

  • Estimated reduction (SWOV, 2007): about 30 DUI casualties on a total of about 800 traffic casualties:- 25% of all casualties caused by drink driving- about 75% (153) of these are due to BAC levels of 1.3 or more- group of drivers with these BAC levels: about 80,000- each year 13,000 DUI drivers with these levels apprehended- 75% (about 10,000 people) will participate in AII-program - when AII-program lasts two years: after a two year period 20,000 heavy drinkers will drive with an alcolock- relapse rate is estimated to be reduced with 80%- reduction will be: 153 * 0.25 * 0.80 = 31

Cost benefit analysis
Cost-benefit analysis

  • Costs of one traffic casualty in NL has been calculated to amount to about 11 million Euro

  • By saving 30 casualties, each year about 300 million Euro can be saved

  • The AII-program is estimated to cost about 30 million Euro each year

  • This means cost-effectiveness of AII-program is very high

Small scale experiment 1
Small scale experiment (1)

  • Planned for 2008

  • Recruitment of participants: EMA - course group

  • Two regions in The Netherlands (urban - rural)

  • Two alcolock ‘providers’: Dräger and ACS

  • Each region: 25 - 50 participants

  • Duration of experiment: 3 - 5 months

Small scale experiment 2
Small scale experiment (2)

  • Emphasis on process evaluation:- effectiveness of procedures (installation, collection and analysis of alcolock data, effectiveness of Dutch standard setting, etc.)- communication between organisations- use of data output in support program- effectiveness of individual assessment interview- effectiveness of elements of introductory program- acceptation and satisfaction ratings of participants- psychological, social and behavioural impact on participants

Thank you for your attention
Thank you for your attention!