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4/1/2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spaceward Bound: Mojave 2010 Expeditions. Third Training Session March 16, 2010. Welcome !!!. 4/1/2014. 1. Today’s Agenda. Mojave soil crust studies – Elaine Bryant, SJSU Logistics, logistics, logistics, …. Please type your questions into the chat room NOW !!!.

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Spaceward Bound:

Mojave 2010 Expeditions

Third Training Session

March 16, 2010

Welcome !!!




Today’s Agenda

  • Mojave soil crust studies – Elaine Bryant, SJSU
  • Logistics, logistics, logistics, ….

Please type your questions

into the chat room NOW !!!

two expeditions
Two Expeditions !!!
  • March 21 – March 26
    • University of Washington Astrobiology graduate students
    • Pre-service and In-service teachers from Cal Poly Pomona
  • March 28 – April 2
    • Pre-service and In-service teachers from San Francisco State
    • In-service teachers from Nevada and Arizona
pomona team
Pomona Team
  • Will arrive at Zzyzx circa 4:30 pm on Sunday, March 21
  • Sneha Thrayall and Juliana Capra are team leads and are organizing transportation
sf state team
SF State Team
  • Be at NASA Ames by 8:15 am on Sunday, March 28
  • There is safe parking at NASA Ames
  • Driving directions and meeting place will be sent
  • We will all pile into vans and drive to Zzyzx from Ames
  • The drive is 8+ hours
  • If you don’t like fast food, please bring a lunch/snacks – SB rule: homemade cookies are best shared!! 
nevada arizona team
Nevada/Arizona Team
  • If you haven’t already done so, send travel itinerary and costs (flight or car rental) to Petra Bartella ASAP !!!! Dr. Henry Sun will be in charge of rounding everyone up in Las Vegas and getting to Zzyzx. (
  • NV/AZ Team members are converging in Las Vegas in three ways:
    • Flying into LAS; will be picked up at airport from outside the luggage claim area
    • Driving from far away to a rendezvous point in Las Vegas
    • Driving from local area to a rendezvous point in Las Vegas
  • Rendezvous point(s) is/are TBD
  • Hot/warm week 1 (mid-high 80’s in the day; 50’s in the evening)
  • Warm/cool week 2 (high 70’s in the day; 50’s and 40’s in the evening)
  • SUNNY !!!! And even if there is cloud cover, the UV will still get you!!
  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat!!
  • Sun BLOCK (not just “screen”) is imperative!! Sun reflects up - off of the light-colored desert soils.
  • Sunglasses !!!
  • One pair to be worn in the field, good support, comfortable for LOTS of walking (sometimes over rough/rocky terrain)
  • Lightweight shoes for camp if you like
  • Flip-flops for shower if you like
  • Don’t walk around at night in anything but a full shoe!!!
  • Lightweight long pants for the field (shorts leave you vulnerable to sunburn and scratches from rocks and thorns)
  • Shorts OK around the station
  • Lightweight long-sleeve shirts for the field
  • A fleece or similar warm jacket for evenings
  • You will be dirty, dusty and ratty by the end of the week!!
  • Don’t bring your good clothes/shoes!!
  • Water bottles – 2 re-fillable
  • Sleeping bag; pillow
  • Flashlight for caving and those midnight runs to the bathroom – outside lights at the station go out at 10:00 pm
  • Lotion for dry skin
  • Towels
  • Toiletries and medications (including bath soap)
  • Backpack/fanny pack to carry water, etc into the field
  • Camera
  • Pack lightly !!!! There is limited room in the vans and you will be sharing a room with several other people.
  • Don’t put it on until you shake it out!!
life at zzyzx
Life at Zzyzx
  • Large bathrooms (one for men, one for women) with showers – water is warm most of the time
  • Power outlets and overhead lights in every room
  • Most cell phones will work at the station – but possibly not in the field
  • Wifi available however bandwidth is limited. Don’t stay online while composing emails etc.; no downloading of large files (like movies)
  • There are some t-shirts, hats, etc. available for purchase at the station
  • You are on a National Preserve – collecting specimens of anything is illegal unless you have a permit. If you see something you want to bring back to your classroom, ask one of us who has a collection permit.
contact info
Contact Info
  • Liza Coe
    • 650-255-9506 (cell)
  • Elaine Bryant
  • Linda Conrad