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Remote Cabin Conditioning

Remote Cabin Conditioning. Remote Cabin Conditioning. Remote Cabin Conditioning. Function Allocation to Subsystem. Remote Cabin Conditioning. Primitive Specifications (PSPEC). Remote Cabin Conditioning. Remote Cabin Conditioning Engine Start Allowed

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Remote Cabin Conditioning

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  1. Remote Cabin Conditioning

  2. Remote Cabin Conditioning

  3. Remote Cabin Conditioning Function Allocation to Subsystem

  4. Remote Cabin Conditioning Primitive Specifications (PSPEC)

  5. Remote Cabin Conditioning Remote Cabin Conditioning Engine Start Allowed A boolean (False/True) signal that is transmitted from the VICM to the HCP for the Vehicle Start SSTS that allows the flexibility of starting the internal combustion engine if the vehicle is plugged into the wall and a calibration is also set to allow this functionality. Remote Start Signal from the BCM that informs all modules that a remote start has been requested by the customer and also informs all modules of the current status of the remote start feature. Need to clarify if this is Remote Start Status or Remote Start Requested Remote Cabin Conditioning Power Limit This signal will be internal to the VICM and will be used to inform the HVAC system of how much power can be used for conditioning of the cabin. The power limit will be balanced by the VEAM against other OFF power mode features that are active at the time of activation of RCC. Remote Cabin Condition Power Enabled This signal is used to report the fact that the use has requested remote cabin conditioning and the vehicle is plugged into the wall. Remote Cabin Conditioning Power Required /Requested The amount of Power needed to support the conditioning of the cabin. This power is used to feed the HV Heater or HV AC compressor. The Power will be considered required if it will be used for Defrost. Otherwise the power will be considered requested. High Voltage DC Charger Data The amount of power available from the Wall Outlet. E-Flex Program Signal Definitions

  6. Remote Cabin • Feature Activation Modes: E-Flex Program Design Constraints

  7. RESS VITM Remote Cabin Conditioning Fuel Enable Run/Crank ECM FSCM PT Accy PTEB PT ETC Engine Run/Crank Relay BCM Hood Position Hood Switch HS GMLAN E-Flex Key Fob Engine Start TPIM Dedicated Link RFA MCP A Run/Crank PT Motor A IPC PIM LS GMLAN HCP X30F Dedicated Link TEHCM RCC Engine Start Allowed Immo. HV VICM Proximity ACCM Charger Coupler OBCM HV PTC Coolant Heater (5kW) HVEM EB Controls Architecture

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