changes in the m iddle e ast n.
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Changes in the M iddle E ast

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Changes in the M iddle E ast. Tunisia.

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  • Al Bouazizi was a poor 26-year old Tunisian who could not find a job after finishing college. He refused to join the "army of unemployed youth," as it has become known in Tunisia, and instead started a small business as a street vendor, selling vegetables to support his family.
  • While press coverage of the Middle East and North Africa has spent the past month focused on Tunisia and Egypt, Algerian opposition groups calling for mass protests on February 12 have stirred speculation that their country, now set to be the largest in Africa (given South Sudan's recent vote for secession), may be the next domino to fall.
  • Egypt, the most populous country in the Arab world, erupted in mass protests in January 2011, as the revolution in Tunisia inflamed decades worth of smoldering grievances against the heavy-handed rule of President Hosni Mubarak
  • Qaddafi was killed by rebel forces and Libya is now under new leadership
saudi arabia
Saudi Arabia
  • Islam Times has been reporting since February 10 that Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah is dead, a report vociferously denied by government officials who say he is in good spirits. Islam Times reports that the king suffered a heart attack after a heated argument with US president Obama over the future of Egypt's ousted president Mubarak who the king supports.
  • Jordan is clearly on the short-list of possible next revolution candidates, with protests having already forced the sacking of the entire cabinet by King Abdullah II.
  • Yemen is a poor, deeply divided country that has been in turmoil since January 2011.
  • Tunisian revolution of January 2011 reached Syria in mid-March