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Fact or Fib Showdown!

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Fact or Fib Showdown! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fact or Fib Showdown!. Fact or Fib Showdown is a great formative assessment strategy. Students have fun AND get feedback for learning “Fact or Fib Showdown!”. (Kagan, 2009). Fact or Fib Showdown !. Step 1 : Each person gets 2 Post-it notes. Step 2 :

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fact or fib showdown
Fact or Fib Showdown!

Fact or Fib Showdown is a great formative assessment strategy. Students have fun AND get feedback for learning

“Fact or Fib Showdown!”

(Kagan, 2009)

fact or fib showdown1
Fact or Fib Showdown!

Step 1:

Each person gets 2 Post-it notes.

Step 2:

Write “fact” on one note and “fib” on the other.

Step 4:

The teacher will present a statement.

Step 3:

Hold one note in each hand – words toward your palm.

Step 5:

Participants decide if the statement is a fact or a fib.

(5-10 seconds of wait time).

Step 6:

When the teacher says, “Showdown!” participants slap their answers down into the middle of the table.

Step 7:

Compare and discuss answers.

Step 8:

Teacher verifies and clarifies.

(Kagan, 2009)

fact or fib showdown2
Fact or Fib Showdown!

K-8 Texas teachers will be required to teach personal financial literacy in math in 2014-2015 and beyond.


fact or fib showdown3
Fact or Fib Showdown!

Implementation year for ALL math TEKS is 2014-2015.


fact or fib showdown4
Fact or Fib Showdown!
  • Answer:
  • New Mathematics Standards will be implemented:
    • 2014-2015: Grades K – 8
    • 2015-2016: High School Courses
fact or fib showdown5
Fact or Fib Showdown!

Kindergarten students are expected to identify ways to earn income in



fact or fib showdown6
Fact or Fib Showdown!

If I teach a few word problems about money then I will meet the expectations of the new PFL strand.


fact or fib showdown7
Fact or Fib Showdown!


The New PFL strand includes the following big ideas: saving money, managing money, borrowing money, spending money, earning income.