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  1. Anthology Ginnette Ellin LAE 5415 Dr. Roberts Summer 2011

  2. Welcome Learners to the Newbery Poetry Anthology! What is this anthology you ask? Great Question! Here’s Miss Ellin’s answer! I picked out 10 Newbery award-winning chapter books that I believe you will enjoy. I provided you with a summary of each of the books, without giving away the ending of course! And, I also provided you with 2 poems for each book. These poems will help to give you more information about the story. The pictures that I have posted on each of the slides give you more clues about the story as well. So, now that you know what this Newbery Poetry Anthology is all about, I encourage you to read through the summaries and poems of each of the books and choose your next adventure. Once you do, jump right in and read away! Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you may have! Enjoy!

  3. The Higher Power of Lucky by Susan Patron Illustrated by Matt Phelan Ok, learners, meet 10 yr. old Lucky Trimble! She’s a scientist in the making who is taken care of by her guardian, Bridgette . When she learns that her guardian wants to move back to France, she fears that she’ll have to go back to the orphanage! If she does, she will loose her beloved dog HMS Beagle and her friends too. So, she decides that she has to run away before she gets left behind. But, the journey that awaits her is one that she did not expect. She soon learns that she needs to summon her own higher power…thru the dust storm and the desert…to find her way back home! Does she make it? Find out!

  4. Learners, these 2 poems will introduce you to Lucky Trimble. Read on! People Some people talk and talk And never say a thing. Some people look at you and birds begin to sing. Some people laugh and laugh And yet you want to cry. Some people touch your hand and music fills the sky. Charlotte Zolotow Friends I fear it’s very wrong of me, And yet I must admit, When someone offers friendship I want the whole of it. I don’t want everybody else To share my friends with me. At least, I want one special one, Who, indisputably Likes me much more than all the rest, Who’s always on my side, Who never cares what others say, Who lets me come and hide Within his shadow, in his house- It doesn’t matter where- Who lets me simply be myself, Elizabeth Who’s always, always there. Jennings

  5. The Whipping Boy by Sid FleischmanIllustrated by Peter Sis Prince Brat, as he was known, got himself into trouble anyway he could. And it was poor Jemmy, the whipping boy, who paid for it. When Prince Brat decides to run away because he’s bored, he decides to take Jemmy with him, against his will. The adventure that follows brings about an interesting turn of events. They are captured by two mean villains, Hold-Your-Nose Billy and Cutwater. They now have to come up with a plan to escape. However, Prince Brat doesn’t want to go back to his castle and Jemmy doesn’t want to go back to living in the sewers. What are they going to do? Pick up this book and join them in their adventure!

  6. A poem from the book and a poem about tantrums? Huh? What could they have to do with these boys? Hold-Your-Nose Billy Hold-Your-Nose Billy, a wild man is he, Hang him from a gallows tree. Here he comes, there he goes: Don’t forget to hold your nose. The Whipping Boy by Sid Fleischman Temper-tantrum I’m not angry. I’m not mad. I’m not irate. I’m not upset. I’m not annoyed. I’m not P.O.’d. But if you’re curious, I’d say…I’m furious. Alan Katz

  7. The Graveyard Bookby Neil GaimanIllustrated by Dave McKean “He looks like nobody but himself,” said Mrs. Owens, firmly. “Then Nobody it is,” said Silas. “Nobody Owens.” And this is how Nobody, known as Bod, came to be named by his ghosts parents, who took him in when he crawled into their graveyard as a baby. Bod was raised and educated by the ghosts in his graveyard and was protected by his guardian Silas, who we find out is neither dead nor living! Bod has plenty of adventures while in the graveyard. However, he will face a greater danger if he leaves it. He will be hunted by the man Jack, who killed his family when he was an infant. Why was his family killed? Why is the man Jack wanting to kill Bod? How were these ghosts able to raise him and protect him? Well, If you like a scary mystery, then you’ll want to float away with TheGraveyard Book!

  8. Ghostly Poems to read on if you dare.And if you do, then this book is for you! Ghost I saw a ghost that stared and stared And I stood still and acted scared. But that was just a big pretend. I knew that ghost…it was my friend! Jack Prelutsky Something Is There Something is there, there on the stair Coming down, coming down stepping with care. Coming down, coming down Slinkety-sly Something is coming and wants to get by. Lilian Moore

  9. When You Reach Meby Rebecca Stead If you like surprise endings, then this is the book for you! Meet Miranda. She and her best friend Sal know the streets of New York like the back of their hand. Then one day, everything changes. Sal gets punched in the stomach, Miranda’s emergency house key is stolen and then…the mysterious notes start appearing. ??? What do they mean? How does this person know so much about me? What does a book, a bag, a pocket and a shoe have to do with this book? Who is the laughing man?? So many questions right?? Well, dig you heels into this book and find out what all these things mean to Miranda. When you arrive at the end, you won’t believe your eyes! Read it if you dare!

  10. Will these poems give you a hint for When You Reach Me or will they not? I’ll let you decide! Secrets I had a little secret, My very, very first; I tried so hard to keep it, I thought my heart would burst. And then I told my secret, And all the charm was lost; Next time I’ll keep my secret, No matter what the cost. Emilie Fendall Johnson I Know a Man Who’s back to front The strangest man I’ve seen. He can’t tell where he’s going But he knows where he has been. Spike Milligan

  11. Show Way by Jacqueline WoodsonIllustrated by Hudson Talbott Hmm…what is a Show Way? Well, it’s a special quilt that Soonie’s family makes. It’s a quilt that is filled with secret meanings. And these quilts lead people to their freedom. Throughout this story, you will learn about how the different generations in Soonie’s family had to be brave and courageous to find a better world for themselves. And, you are going to love the stunning illustrations in this book! They play a huge part in telling you the incredible story of Soonie’s family from one generation to the next. So, pick up this beautiful book and find out what secrets lie in the Show Way!

  12. These poems will give you a great sense of Show Way! The Dream Keeper Bring me all of your dreams, You dreamers, Bring me all of your Heart melodies That I may wrap them In a blue cloud-cloth Away from the too-rough fingers Of the world. Langston Hughes Dominoes On this earth we are connected one to another to another to another to another to another to another to another to another to another to another…such that whatever happens to one of us happens to all of us. Anna Grossnickle Hines

  13. Surviving the Applewhitesby Stephanie S. Tolan Jake has been kicked out of every public school in Rhode Island. He even burned one down! Now, he finds himself in North Carolina under his grandfather’s care and again, he’s kicked out of his new school too. So now, he finds himself living with the Applewhites; a family full of fiery artists, chaos and craziness. Except for E.D., who longed to have order and predictability in her life. Zedediah, the patriarch of the family, tells Jake, “The most important thing you’re going to learn while you’re here is who you are and what you’re made of.” It turns out that both Jake and E.D. find out exactly who they are and what their made of. Join the artistic yet loving Applewhites family and see how this family brings out the special gifts that Jake and E.D. have!

  14. The Applewhites are quite a family!These poems may give you a heads up! The Folk Who Live in Backward Town The folk who live in Backward Town Are inside out and upside down They wear their hats inside their heads And go to sleep beneath their beds. They only eat the apple peeling And take their walks across the ceiling. Mary Ann Hoberman Dogs I had a little dog, And my dog was very small. He licked me in the face, And he answered to my call. Of all the treasures that were mine, I loved him best of all. Frances Cornford

  15. Everything on a Waffleby Polly Horvath Primrose Squarp is convinced that her parents did not die in a terrible storm out at sea. She asks anyone who will listen, “Haven’t you ever just known something deep in your heart without reason? But no one in her Coal Harbour town believes her. Everyone tells her that she needs to mourn her parents, but instead, she just goes to the dock to wait for them. The only comfort she finds is in her friend Miss Bowzer, who owns a restaurant that serves everything on a waffle. Primrose waits day after day, wondering when her parents will show up on the sea shore. Meet up with Primrose at The Girl on the Red Swing restaurant and find out if she was right. Did her parents ever come back?

  16. What do these poems about food have to do with Primrose?? Read it and find out! Oodles of Noodles I love noodles. Give me oodles. Make a mound up to the sun. Noodles are my favorite foodles. I eat noodles by the ton. Lucia & James L. Hymes Jr. Recipe First you take a giant bowland put a waffle in it,then you add a bunch of jamand stir it for a minute. After that you get a cupand fill it up with custard,then dump it in with mushroom soupand just a little mustard. Squeeze a lemon right on top,add peanut butter—oodles,but don’t forget the applesauceand two big scoops of noodles. Then nuke it in the microwave.That’s it, you’ve got a winner.Get the plates out now and yell,“Come and get it! Dinner!” Joyce Armor

  17. Turtle in Paradise by Jennifer L. Holm If you’d like to read about a bunch of colorful characters with names like Turtle, Beans, Kermit, Pork Chops and Too Bad (just to name a few), then Turtle in Paradise is just right for you! Turtle’s mom’s is a housekeeper. When her mom’s lands a job with a woman who doesn’t like children, Turtle is sent to live with Aunt Minnie in Key West. She meets her cousins, who are all boys and she wonders when she’ll got back to her mom. However, during her stay in Key West, Turtle discovers that everyone there has a nickname and that there is buried treasure to be found. More importantly, she learns about a few family secrets that she was not aware of and that makes Turtle come to grips with who she really is. Why don’t you get yourself a nickname and drive along with Turtle to Key West!

  18. Turtle is definitely A Little Rattled andshe wished she had more Forethoughtwhen she arrives on the island! A Little Rattled We’ve got a new baby at our house To tickle and cuddle and coddle. The baby says, “Goo goo.” And I say, “Blech!” (That’s the last time I’m tasting his bottle!) Alan Katz Forethought The sea is very large indeed And pretty nicely planned; For where there is no sea, you see, It leaves a place for land. George Reiter Brill

  19. Olive’s Ocean by Kevin Henkes Olive Barstow’s mom handed Martha a handwritten note from Olive. Martha read the note and couldn’t believe what she was reading. All this time, Olive had been in her class and Martha never really got to know her. And now, it would be too late…because Olive got hit by a car while riding her bike and died. At the time she was given the note, Martha’s family was preparing to go on vacation. They were going to visit her favorite grandmother, Godbee at her beautiful cottage beach house in Providence. It is on this very trip that Martha discovers the things that are truly important in life. For that, she has to thank her dear Godbee and her would be friend, Olive. This heartfelt story will leave you asking yourself the question, “What things are truly important in your life?”

  20. A poem about writing and a poem about home, two of Martha’s great treasures. Metaphor Morning is a new sheet of paper for you to write on. Whatever you want to say, all day, until night folds it up and files it away. The bright words and the dark words are gone until dawn and a new day to write on. Eve Merriam Home All around me quiet. All around me peaceful. All around me lasting. All around me home. Ute Indian

  21. Whittingtonby Alan ArmstrongIllustrated by S. D. Schindler Abby and Ben live in a farm with their grandparents, Bernie and Marion. Their mother had passed and they did not know their father. To add to their struggles, Ben is dyslexic. There is also a barn that houses a slew of different animals, including The Lady, a duck who is their fearless leader. And along comes Whittington, the cat. He has the animals as well as Abby and Ben, completely engrossed in the tale of how he came to be named after Dick Whittington. And then a strange thing happens. It is this very tale about Dick Whittington that gives Ben the courage to help him overcome his dyslexia. Read about how Whittington and this adorable family of animals, along with Ben’s own family, show their love and support for Ben and each other!

  22. How does the tale of Dick Whittington help Ben? These poems may give you a hint! When You Can Read When you can read, then you can go from Kalamazoo to Idaho— Or read directions that explain just how to build a model plane— Or bake a cake or cook a stew— The words will tell you what to do! When you can read, then you can play a brand new game the proper way— Or get a letter from a friend and read it…to the very end. Bobbi Katz Aliona Says An off-to-school hug is quick but nice. Mine always comes with some words of advice Emily George

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