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Integrating Science and Policy:

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Integrating Science and Policy: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Integrating Science and Policy:. The role of science in decision-making. Science vs Management. Science involves:. Management involves:. Very narrow questions Few variables Controlled experimental conditions. None of these. Management and science. Management Decisions.

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integrating science and policy

Integrating Science and Policy:

The role of science in decision-making

science vs management
Science vs Management

Science involves:

Management involves:

  • Very narrow questions
  • Few variables
  • Controlled experimental conditions
  • None of these


management and science
Management and science

Management Decisions


the management niche
The management “niche”

An n-dimensional hypervolumebounded by the limits of tolerance to science, law, and policy considerations (with apologies to G. Evelyn Hutchinson)


influencing policy
Influencing policy
  • We can be wrong: Interesting to scientists, death to policy making
  • We disagree: Challenge and debate are essential to good science; lack of consensus confuses policy making
  • We are uncertain: Nature of the beast, but difficult to accommodate in policymaking


which what whose science

Different technical disciplines – “If your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail”

    • Population dynamics
    • Ecology
    • Hydrology
    • Genetics
    • Nutrition/fish health
  • Traditional ecological knowledge – tribal cultural perspectives
  • Which is “best available”?
Which, what, whose science?


demographics density effects crowding competition predation lower survival
Demographics“Density effects” Crowding + Competition + Predation = lower survival



“Hatchery effects”

Genetic selection

- Altered behavior

- Fitness loss

= lower survival


Policy considerations:

  • Correct diagnosis of the problem?
  • What level of confidence?
  • Appropriate remedies
  • Risk structure: How are the risks and benefits distributed?
  • Does the evidence indicate that a change in policy is warranted or prudent?





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