emmy and the incredible shrinking rat n.
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Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat PowerPoint Presentation
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Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat

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Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat. Power Point By:Keely. Settings.

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Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat

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Presentation Transcript
  • There are a lot of settings but the story mostly takes place at Emmy’s house or school. It also takes place in her class room, on the play ground, in town, at the Antique Rat, Emmy’s House, Rodent City, and at the Police station.
  • Emmy's house is the biggest house on the block.
  • Emmy’s school is an Elementary school it is the only school close to Emmy’s house.
  • Her classroom is small with a very rude class pet.
  • The playground is big it has swings, black top, a field, and a soccer field.
  • Town isn’t very pleasant. It has a lot of crazy people Emmy’s not aloud in this part of town but she still goes there.
settings continued
Settings Continued
  • The Antique Rat is a rat store. It is in the crazy part of town. It doesn’t just sell ordinary rats it sells special rats with special powers.
  • Rodent City is a little city under the Antique Rat. It is for all rodents. Squirrels, Rats, Chipmunks, Mice, you name it!
  • The Police Station is one of the last settings in the book so it isn’t described much in the story.
  • The Main Characters in this book are Emmy, Miss Barmy, Raston (The Rat), Brian, and Joe
  • Other characters are Dr. Lender (The Psychologist), Professor Vole, Professor Capybara, Emmy’s Parent’s, Sissy, Raston’s Friend’s, The Endear mouse, and many, many more.
  • Emmy is a very lonely girl she lives with her VERY mean nanny in a big house. Her parents always go on business trips and one day she figures out that they don’t leave because of her grades it’s because of Miss Barmy! Or is it…
  • Miss Barmy is a very bad nanny . She tells Emmy that if her grades were better her parents wouldn’t leave. But is she lying? Well maybe Emmy and her friends can “sniff” out the truth.
  • Raston is a very curious rat. He is the class pet for Emmy’s class for now, but when Emmy lets him go he gets into mischief but helps Emmy along the way.
characters continued
Characters (continued)
  • Brain is Professor Vole’s “nephew” he is very hard worker and is one of Emmy’s good friends. He also helps Emmy with her problems too.
  • Joe is one of Emmy’s class mates he is a very good soccer player. But sometimes his dad pushes him to work harder
  • Professor Vole is the “owner” to the Antique Rat he is very strict and might be in love with Miss Barmy!
  • Dr. Leander is very, very worried about Emmy so Emmy goes to see him every two weeks when the other students are doing read aloud. But is there something or someone doing something in read aloud that is making Emmy invisible to every one?
  • Professor Capybara has been bitten twice by Raston and now he’s in a “little” situation and has to figure out what Professor Vole is up to. But he also helps Emmy along the way!
  • Emmy’s Parent’s are good parents and care for Emmy but when ever they come back from one trip they say they won’t leave but the next day they do!
  • Sissy is Raston’s sister. They were separated when they were born. When Raston figures out who separated them he fights back and plays some Paw Ball along the way!
  • The Endear mouse is very loving andwill give up her life for Emmy so she can make Emmy’smom and dad stay home but Emmy can’t stand to see the little mouse die.
  • There are alot of problems but the main problems are…
  • Emmy is “invisible” to EVERYONE even the teacher!
  • Miss Barmy is up to something and it’s up to Emmy and her friends to “sniff” out the truth.
  • Emmy, Joe, and Professor Capybara have been shrunk by a very mysterious and powerful rat.
  • Emmy’s mom and dad always go on business trips but is someone making them go?
  • The solution is very surprising but I can only tell you a few things about the solution.
  • Emmy figures out why she’s “invisible” to every one.
  • Miss Barmy and Cheswick (also known as Professor Voel ) get into a tiny situation.
  • Emmy, Professor Capybara, Joe, and Brain get unshrunk.
  • Sissy and Raston get to live with each other again!

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