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Everglades College

Everglades College

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Everglades College

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  1. EvergladesCollege Student Orientation by: EC Department of Professional Development

  2. Agenda • Everglades College Mission Statement • Everglades College Objectives • Everglades College Philosophy Statement • The Everglades College Advantage • Everglades College Programs • Basic Facts About Everglades College • What Makes Everglades College Unique?

  3. Agenda (con’t) • What is Collaborative Learning? • Benefits of Collaborative Learning • Administration and Staff

  4. Everglades College Mission Statement Everglades College is a four-year, independent, coeducational institution located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The college offers the Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Business Administration, Information Technology, Applied Management, e-Commerce, Aviation Management, and Professional Aviation. In addition, the College also offers the Associate of Science degree with majors in Aviation Management and Professional Aviation. The College offers comprehensive distance learning programs to more fully meet the needs of citizens and industry. Everglades College provides quality education programs that emphasize general academic, technical, professional, and related skills. The College prepares students of diverse backgrounds for career entry and advancement.

  5. Everglades College Objective #1 To continually improve and change to meet the needs of our students

  6. Everglades College Objectives #2 To engage and maintain qualified faculty who possesses current technical and professional competencies

  7. Everglades College Objectives #3 To improve students written, verbal, and technical skills

  8. Everglades College Objectives #4 To provide facilities that support and develop professional-specific skills

  9. Everglades College Objectives #5 To be caring and supportive of students’ needs

  10. Everglades College Objectives #6 To attract qualified students of diverse backgrounds

  11. Everglades College Objectives #7 To provide a collegiate atmosphere of academic freedom that encourages an open exchange of ideas

  12. Everglades College Objectives #8 To offer comprehensive distance learning programs to more fully meet the individual educational and training needs of citizens and industry

  13. Everglades College Philosophy Statement To train the career-minded individual, and offer an education that will provide an employable, skilled, responsible, and accountable person

  14. The Everglades College Advantage • All faculty hold a Master’s or Doctoral degree in their discipline • Our faculty and staff are dedicated to helping our students succeed • Our unique class scheduling allows students to focus on each subject and which enhances their learning experience

  15. The Everglades College Advantage (con’t) • Our focused format places students on a fast track to degree completion • The flexibility to take courses online, on campus, or both enables our students to tailor their educational needs to fit busy schedules.

  16. Associate of Science Aviation Management Professional Aviation Bachelor of Science Business Administration Applied Management Information Technology E-Commerce Aviation Management Professional Aviation Everglades College Programs

  17. Basic Facts About Everglades College • A private college offering two-year Associate of Science and four-year Bachelor Degree programs • Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges Technology(ACCSCT) • Licensed by the State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities, Dept. of Education

  18. Basic Facts About Everglades College (con’t) • Approved by the Dept. of Education to offer Title IV Financial Aid • Small classrooms for meaningful interaction with faculty • A unique class scheduling allowing students to complete an Bachelors Degree in 18-24 months • Classes start every 4 weeks

  19. Basic Facts About Everglades College (con’t) • Students take 1 course at a time. • Classes meet Wednesday 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM and Saturdays 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM • All courses leading to the Associate of Science and the Bachelor of Science are offered online at Everglades College

  20. What Makes Everglades College Unique? • We ensure a high quality education • We are student driven • We provide our students with realistic, hands-on training • We give our students personalized attention • We provide student support services for their careers

  21. What Makes Everglades College Unique? (con’t) • We instill our students with proper work habits • We are available for our students • We teach one course at a time • We are equipped with well-rounded faculty who possess technical and industry experience • We care if our students miss class

  22. What Makes Everglades College Unique? (con’t) • We motivate our students to complete their degree • We evaluate our students progress with Pre and Post testing of all courses • We combine practical and technical skills with solid academics • We develop a plan of action for those students who are behind academically

  23. What is Collaborative Learning? Collaborative learning is: • positive interdependence, so that students feel that no one succeeds unless everyone succeeds • individual accountability for information gathered by the group effort

  24. What is Collaborative Learning? (con’t) Collaborative learning is... • a way to better understand the material by having to explain it to other group members • developing interpersonal skills that will be necessary later in life • developing the ability to analyze group dynamics and work problems

  25. What is Collaborative Learning? (con’t) Collaborative learning is… • a proven way to increase student activity and involvement in a class

  26. Benefits of Collaborative Learning? • Creates a classroom community • Higher achievement and increased retention • Greater chance to actively participate in the learning process • More frequent higher-level reasoning, deeper-level understanding, and critical thinking

  27. Benefits of Collaborative Learning? (con’t) • Promotes communication and increased involvement among students • Greater ability to view situations from others’ perspectives • More positive, accepting, and supportive relationships with peers • Greater social support

  28. Benefits of Collaborative Learning? (con’t) • More positive self-esteem based on basic self-acceptance • A break in the lecture that helps renew attention span for the next lesson

  29. Administration President: Kristi Mollis Vice President of Enrollment Management: Susan Ziegelhofer Financial Aid Officer: Arlene Almas Dean of Academic Affairs: Grace Klinefelter Program Director/Business Administration: Grace Klinefelter Program Director/Aviation Studies: Ross McLoud

  30. This is What It’s All About…