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Metal Wall Sculpture

Discover the finest America's metallic wall sculpture, outdoor sculpture, and metallic art fountains at Dax Stores to design your home or office. All of the Harvey Gallery sculptures can be customized to highlight your color scheme. For more details about our Wall Sculpture call us at 650-591-2190.

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Metal Wall Sculpture

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  2. WINE BARREL FURNITURE This quality wine barrel furniture has a beautiful rustic style, and it is very popular. These pieces are made from real wine barrels which are recycled into these beautiful pieces after the the wine is produced. This furniture is perfect for your family room, dining room, kitchen or wine cellar, and it can also be used outdoors in covered areas. This wine barrel furniture is also a great way to show off your wine collection!

  3. Barrique Bistro Table The Barrique Bistro Table has a pine plank top, and two wine barrel style shelves complete with the steel barrel bands. The legs are real oak wine barrel staves, and they have the graceful curve of the wine barrels. This Barrique bistro table would be a great way to serve your wine collection and it is sure to be a conversation piece. This is our largest diameter bistro-style table and it can accommodate 4 matching barrel stave stools nicely

  4. Why is metal wall sculpture best for households ? They have an unparallel beauty. Newly introduced metal sculptures are much ahead of their ceramic and plaster counterparts in the finery of the decorations. Not only decoration, they also exhibit great functionality. These are usually made up of wrought iron, which is an expensive heavy metal. Low price sculptures are also available in steel and aluminium. Though the price is a bit reduced due to the quality of the material, but the design and durability is the same as that of the wrought iron. •They are durable too. As mentioned above, wrought irons have a great durability. In some other cases apart from steel and aluminium, cast irons are also used. This is just another inexpensive option against the wrought iron.

  5. Organic Bedding • The usual synthetic foams that are used in Organic beddings like pillows and mattresses are made up of polyurethane. These are made from the leftover residues of petrochemicals and have possible threats to human life like allergies, asthma, cardiac arrests, etc. On the other hand, organic cottons are made naturally and are hence truly non toxic. • •One of the bigger advantages of organic cotton is that they are cultivated without using fertilizers. Unlike their counterparts, where huge amount of fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides are used; these cottons are cultivated in an organic way.

  6. Organic Mattress

  7. WHY DAX STORES ? •It is an amazing store having wide collection of organic products, poly wood furniture, kookoon silk products, toys and arts. •I loved everything about this store and what appealed me most is the reasonable price. •I found a number of positive reviews regarding its products. •It has also been accredited as one of the largest departmental stores in the world dealing with organic products. •Their shipping policies were also flexible. Product delivery was assured at the earliest. •It directly ships from the manufacturer, and hence cut off the middlemen charge.

  8. Dax Stores Main Office 5256 S. Mission Rd. Suite 703-023 Bonsall, CA 92003 Phone: 760-691-5000 Email: daxstores@gmail.com Website : http://www.daxstores.com/

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