candy canes organic brown rice syrup l.
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Candy Canes Organic Brown Rice Syrup

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Candy Canes Organic Brown Rice Syrup - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Candy Canes Organic Brown Rice Syrup . LIMITED EDITION – ORDER EARLY. # of Canes per Pack: 12 Size: 6oz/170g Pack: 24.

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candy canes organic brown rice syrup
Candy Canes Organic Brown Rice Syrup


# of Canes per Pack: 12

Size: 6oz/170g

Pack: 24

Pure Fun™ is the only company that manufactures USDA Certified Organic canes made from Certified organic brown rice syrup, Certified organic evaporated cane juice, peppermint oil, colored with Certified organic fruit juice and pulled to whiteness …… NO TITANIUM DIOXIDE

Christmas is a time for giving.We are dedicating a portion of our sales of Certified Organic candy canes to celebrate children and their families struggling through difficult times and special needs. PURE FUN™ is excited about working with these worthwhile children’s causes.

2008 seasonal products packout information
2008 Seasonal ProductsPACKOUT INFORMATION

USDA Certified Limited Edition

Organic Candy Canes

Pack size:

12 canes per 6 oz. retail unit

Case size: 24 units

Case dimensions:

19.75 x 8.5 x 12.75 inches

Case weight: 10.2 lbs

Approximate Pallet Configuration:

10 HI x 5 = 50 Cartons



Pure Fun™ Seasonal Pricing

USDA Certified Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Kosher

Certified Organic Candy Canes

6.5“high x 6” wide x 2” deep

what is pure fun
What is Pure Fun™?

Pure Fun™ is a the leading brand of Premium organic candies that are manufactured from the finest ingredients like Organic Brown Rice Syrup, certified Organic Evaporated Cane Juice and Natural Colors derived from great stuff like Red Beet Concentrate, Alfalfa Extract, Red Cabbage, Annatto, and flavors like goji berry, pomegranate and other natural fruits and vegetables

Ingredients used in Pure Fun™ organic candies retain natural minerals and nutrients that are removed during the refining process of conventional manufacturing

Free from pesticides, cassava, and preservatives

Free from GMOs - genetically modified organisms

Free from Casein, Free from Gluten

Free from Tapioca or other Cassava Plant derivatives

Free from synthetic flavors

Free from artificial dyes and FD&C Colors

Free from naturally occurring harmful ingredients

Premium ingredients are sourced worldwide and

purchased from Fair Trade Suppliers

Premium healthy ingredients = delicious candies




Some Organic Candy Suppliers use Tapioca or Corn Syrup

Tapioca Flour

$2.27 lb.

Brown Rice Syrup

$4.99 lb.

Retail prices as posted on