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Tata steel global presence

No Business objective can be deemed more important than the physical safety of all our employees and associates. Each one of us should try and make it our personal mission to translate this belief into reality. Only if ensuring the safety of our people becomes a mission will it be possible for us to raise the bar on safety and reach standards that will be on par with the best companies in the world”

Ratan N. Tata

Tata steel global presence

Tata Steel – India Operations

  • Capacity of 9.8 million tonnes per annum (mtpa).

  • Turnover of Rs 3,81,990 Million.

  • It is the 2nd largest steel producer in India, the

  • largest supplier to the domestic automobile

  • industry with 48% market share and the 2nd

  • largest re-bar supplier accounting for 11% of the

  • market share

Tata steel global presence


At Tata Steel we aspire to be the global steel industry benchmark for Value Creation and Corporate Citizenship

We make the difference through:

Our conduct, by providing a safe working place, respecting the environment, caring for our communities and demonstrating high ethical standards.

Tata steel global presence

Sukinda Chromite Mine

  • First Mine in ASIA to bag ISO: 9002- Quality Management Systemin 1994

  • First Mine & COB in India to bag ISO 14001– Env Management System in 1999

  • First Mine & COB in India to bag OHSAS 18001– Occupational Health & Safetyin 2003

  • First Mine in World to bag SA 8000– Social Accountability in 2004

Tata steel global presence

Evaluation & Improvements in Safety Management

Validate the Process es for impending Safety Risk & Hazards

Achieve World Class Status in Safety

Process Safety& Wellness@Workplace

Du Pont-Behavioral Safety

Standardisation of the Process

OHSAS-Safety Mgmt System

People involvement at shop floor in safety

Safety Drive through Ergonomics , TPM

Meet & Comply Statutory Norms

Statutary Structure for Safety DGMS






Tata steel global presence

  • Lotus based Safety Excellence Management system

  • Benchmarking of safety system with world leader Dupont.

  • Personal Safety Action Plan for 100% of employees and quarterly review by superiors.

  • Fatality Risk Control Programme (FRCP)

  • Safety Action Meeting(SAM) & Job Cycle Check(JCC)

  • Near Miss & Monthly Theme Campaign At Shop Floor

  • Site Safety Supervisor for contractors area

  • Regular internal and external (international) safety audit by experts.

  • Regular mock drill for ensuring emergency preparedness as per plan and procedure.

  • Dedicated fire tender and fire fighting crew

  • Fire Hydrant system in Mines Plant

  • Automatic fire detection and suppression system in Plant, Office and HEMMs.

  • Fire extinguishers and mock drill on fire

  • Tata steel global presence

    Key Safety Initiatives Implemented

    • State of the art slope monitoring radar for real time tracking of slope movement.

    • GPRS based vehicle movement & speed monitoring system.

    • Changes in blast design & site mix emulsion blasting as per CMFRI recommendation.

    • Horizontal bore holes to de-pressurize the hydro-static pressure on bench slope.

    • IME & PME of all departmental & contractor employees.

    • Programme on Wellness@workplace for ensuring occupational health& wellbeing.

    • Critical Care Ambulance .

    • Periodic illumination, dust and noise monitoring

    • Breath alcohol test at entry gate

    • Installation of emergency shower and eyewash stations at worksites.

    • New product handling complex ,empty and loaded truck parking yard to reduce human

    • Interface hazards.

    • CCTV camera in stack yard to monitor unsafe movement of trucks and people.

    • Vehicle profiling with retro reflective stickers and solar delineators for better visibility at night.

    • Rear vision system, three piece mirror, proximity sensor & anti collision device in dumpers.

    • Movable shelters at loading points to reduce man machine interface hazard

    • Display of Visual SOPs and safety visuals at workplace.

    • Positive isolation process implemented.

    • Replacement of old welding machines with standard rectifier types.

    • Observation visit by officers, supervisors and union officials.

    • Systematic implementation of consequence Mgmt.

    • SurakshyaRath for safety awareness campaign.

      • Celebration of annual safety week and safety month involving community.

      • Road Safety Training programme.

    Tata steel global presence

    • Key Distinctions & Awards

      • Winner of Nine National Safety Awards.

      • Winner of record 14 no. of awards from DGMS in Odisha Metalliferous Mines Safety Week 2012-13

      • including coveted “Overall Best Performance Trophy.

      • Record four numbers of trophies along with Overall Best Performance trophy own by our long

      • term partner M/s G. S. Atwal in Mines Safety Week 2012-13.

      • First in First Aid Team (Ladies) from DGMS in Odisha Metalliferous Mines Safety Week 2012-13

    Tata steel global presence



    Sr. Manager (Safety) &


    Sr. Manager (Training)



    1ST JULY’2013