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PRESENTED ON DOVE. Presented By:. BS(IT)07- 46. Introduction. Unilever was arguably the world's first packaged goods manufacturer It is still one of its biggest companies with operations in every corner of the globe.

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BS(IT)07- 46

  • Unilever was arguably the world's first packaged goods manufacturer
  • It is still one of its biggest companies with operations in every corner of the globe.
  • Unilever's foods business is the world's third largest after Nestle and Kraft.
  • In the late 1990s, the group initiated a strategy to prune its vast portfolio which then numbered literally thousands of different brands.
The company had a turnover of Rs. 23.3 bn (Euro 309 mn) in 2007, and enjoys a leading position in most of its core Home and Personal Care and Foods categories, e.g. Personal Wash, Personal Care, Laundry, Beverages (Tea) and Ice Cream.
  • The company operates through 4 regional offices, as well as 4 wholly owned and 6 third party manufacturing sites across Pakistan.
In 1955, Dove soap was launched in US. Dove contained a patented, mild cleansing ingredient, into the soap category. It was positioned - then and now - as a "beauty bar" with one-fourth cleansing cream that moisturizes skin while washing as opposed to the drying effect of regular soap. Advertisements reinforced the message by showing the cream being poured into the beauty bar. In 1979, the phrase "cleansing cream" was replaced with "moisturizer cream". In 1979, a Pennsylvania dermatologist showed that Dove dried and irritated skin significantly less than ordinary soaps, based on which Unilever started aggressive marketing and won more than 24% of the market by 2003.

Dove Body wash

Dove hand wash

Dove face care

Dove body lotions

Dove Tools

Dove hair care

Dove deodorant

Dove soaps


stearic acid

  • coconut acid
  • sodium tallowate
  • water
  • sodium isethionate
  • sodium stearate
  • sodium chloride
  • tetrasodium EDTA
  • trisodium
  • BHT titanium dioxide
  • Sodium benzene sulfonate.

Dove All Day Body Wash gives you soft, smooth skin all day so you can truly enjoy your shower and feel great in your skin throughout the day.

Dove's special all-day formula contains hydrating emollients that sink into your skin to moisturize as it cleans so your skin

feels soft, smooth, and supple all day long.

internal competitor
Internal competitor
  • LUX
  • Lifebuoy
  • Rexona
external competitor s
External Competitor’s
  • Skin care
  • Camay
  • Royal
  • Pears
  • Miss Paris
competitor s advantages
Competitor's Advantages
  • Easily available in market specially in

town and small cities.

  • Dove offer affordable price along with

full cream richness.


URL: http://Dove.MSN.COM

Contact # : 03216320090