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  1. Quiz Show Question and Answer Samples and Techniques

  2. Match the device to what it measures: Stop Watch Scale Thermometer Speedometer Odometer Distance Temperature Elapsed Time Weight Rate of Travel

  3. Which of the following is NOT one of the agreements in the Missouri Compromise? Missouri would enter the Union as a slave state Maine would join as a free state. Slavery would be prohibited anywhere north of 36° 30’ latitude The balance of slave a free states would be balanced Indians in the territory would be moved west onto reservations

  4. The subject of protective tariff’s greatly divided northerners and southerners. Why? Southerners had to pay higher prices for goods and this made their economy weaker so they blamed the North for voting for these tariffs.

  5. Match the term with the best option A group of opponents to Jackson Cherokee who developed a writing Supported Andrew Jackson senator against nullification Senator for nullification John C. Calhoun Democratic party Whig party Sequoyah Daniel Webster

  6. Who was the Supreme Court justice whose ruling established the principle of judicial review? James Madison Thomas Jefferson Albert Gallatin William Marbury John Marshall

  7. What kind of stories were popular American Culture during the time period of the early 1800’s • TALES OF THE REVOLUTIONARY ERA • STORIES OF THE AMERICAN FRONTIER & INDIANS • THE EXPERIENCES OF EARLY AMERICAN SETTLERS

  8. During the early 1800’s many countries followed in the footsteps of the U.S. by fighting for independence and liberty. What effect did this have on U.S. foreign policy? The Congress strengthened the military to keep them from taking U.S. territories The Native Americans were taken off their land Jackson vetoed many laws because he acted like a “king” Nationalism sparked wars around the world The Monroe Doctrine was created

  9. What is inertia? All of the above The speed at which an object falls Measurement of electrical resistance A ratio between mass and velocity Resistance to motion or change

  10. with Canada on the 49° No European colonies in N/S America system using family labor System using unmarried girls high protective tariffs of 1828 Abominations Rhode Island Convention of 1818 Monroe Doctrine Lowell

  11. The belief that federal authority is strictly limited by the Constitution; therefore state government’s have more authority to make decisions for the people who live in their state STATES’ RIGHTS This issue made SC want to secede in the 1830’s as well as in the 1860’s. Cause of the Civil War

  12. The practice of rewarding political supporters with government jobs Cabinet positions Nullification crisis Democratic Party Tariff of Abominations Spoils system

  13. Dispute between the federal and state governments over constitutional powers Nullification crisis

  14. The Supreme Court decided in Gibbons v. Ogden that Federal licenses are valid over state licenses. • This affirmed the idea that the federal government has authority over the states. • & • The federal government could regulate interstate commerce and transportation.

  15. The steam engine made people and goods travel cheaper, quicker, and easier. False. Not until it was used in steamboats and railroads.

  16. Why did workers organize trade unions? TO MAKE WORKING CONDITIONS BETTER

  17. Match the term with the best option. Designed a steel blade for plowing Designed a system of communicating 1st steamboat Designed a sewing machine 1st locomotive in US Tom Thumb Clermont John Deere Samuel Morse Isaac Singer

  18. What is the relationship between mass production and interchangeable parts? IP - Pieces that are the exact same shape and size Mass Production – making large quantities of something You cannot mass produce interchangeable parts without machines.

  19. A slave from Virginia, who believed God had called him to end slavery Meriwether Lewis Yeoman Mark Twain Jean Etienne Bore Nat Turner

  20. Match the term with the best option separates cotton seeds region that grows most cotton Crop brokers Formed to improve pay of workers Communication machine telegraph Factors Cotton gin Cotton belt trade unions

  21. The only large southern factory able to make iron products TREDEGAR IRON WORKS

  22. What caused cotton production to increase in the 1800’s? Small land owning farmers liked to grow their own cotton Everyone needed cotton for clothing Slavery was increasing because it was a cash crop India and Egypt began producing cotton The invention of the cotton gin and textile mills

  23. What caused slavery to decline after the American Revolutionary War? SLAVERY WAS AGAINST THE IDEAL OF LIBERTY, & CASH CROPS LIKE Indigo & Rice WERE IN LOW DEMAND This meant that slave owners could not afford to keep slaves and run a successful business.

  24. What did “king cotton” mean? A nickname for wealthy plantation owners A story to explain slavery to children Iron and lumber were not important It ruled the northern textile mills The south’s economy was based on this cash crop

  25. Nat Turner’s Rebellion set out on an August night to kill slaveholders and their families.

  26. What kind of factories could you find if you traveled in a time-machine back to the 1800’s south? Textile mills

  27. The Missouri Compromise Allowed Missouri & Maine into the Union Set the latitude 36’30 for slavery

  28. It is necessary to rotate different crop plantings in a single field to stop soil erosion.

  29. Which of the following is NOT a type of discrimination that free African Americans faced in the south? Most could vote Travel freely Unlimited rights Conduct business freely Most could not vote

  30. Match the term with the best option • People who oppose immigration • Abolition • Temperance freed from constraint • Emancipation To end slavery limit the drinking of alcohol • Transcendentalism rise above the material things in life Nativists

  31. Why did many Irish and German immigrants come to America in the mid- 1800’s? To start farms in the south Searching for freedom of religion To form Utopias To end slavery Fleeing economic or political troubles

  32. Match the term with the best option Utopia Christian Renewal waterframe 2nd Great Awakening Perfect society on Earth Prison reform • Richard Arkwright Children & mentally-ill Short-staple cotton popular in South

  33. What problems were created as cities began to grow from immigration and rural migration? They needed a fire department A new police system Under population, economic growth, and public services Lack of schooling and limited rights Overcrowding, social class conflicts, and disease

  34. At the beginning of the 1800’s Spain, Russia, Britain, the U.S.A., and Indian tribes all claimed ownership of Oregon

  35. The first agent contracted to bring settlers to Texas was Stephen F. Austin. False. It was his father Moses Austin.

  36. In the Battle of the Alamo Mexican general Santa Anna was captured. Texans surrendered because they were severely outnumbered. Texas rebels were fighting for the legalization of slavery The Mexican Army had poor defenses and no way to maneuver Mexican soldiers overwhelmed Texans, killing Travis, Bowie, and Crockett.

  37. Match the term with the best option Joseph Smith Formal withdrawal Westward expansion gold seekers in CA Forty-niners Secession Manifest Destiny Mormon Trail • Brigham Young Mormons

  38. Why was Kansas bloody? Many abolitionists were killing Confederate rebels Many Confederates were killing Union Yankees Slaves were killing their masters Many slave owners were killing slaves Many abolitionists and slave owners were killing each other

  39. The Supreme Court case about Dred Scott decided that Congress could not ban slavery in any federal territory.

  40. Republican who wanted to prevent the spread of slavery Jefferson Davis Robert E. Lee Ulysses S. Grant Henry Clay Abraham Lincoln

  41. Match the term with the best option • General who won the War between the States • Jefferson Davis Robert E. Lee General over all the Union • Winfield Scott President of the Confederacy General of the Army of the Confederacy • Ulysses S. Grant President of the Union Abraham Lincoln

  42. The rest of the Exam will consist of • Name the Presidents in order 1-16 • Know the amendments • Identify important countries and bodies of water • Essay question 3 paragraphs (8 sentences each –using the structure we have practiced in class) Also found on the next slide • Essay topics will include • Constitution • Amendments • Industrial Revolution • Compromises over slavery • Reform movements • Civil War

  43. Make sure your essay actually answers the question Conclusion sentence