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Robotics & Automation, 1st July 2014 Northampton Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.

Robotics & Automation, 1st July 2014 Northampton Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. Factory Automation Michael Suer, European Business Group, Ratingen/ Düsseldorf. Robotic Integration Solutions for Pharmaceutical Sector. Abstract.

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Robotics & Automation, 1st July 2014 Northampton Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.

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  1. Robotics & Automation, 1st July 2014 Northampton Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. Factory Automation Michael Suer, European Business Group, Ratingen/ Düsseldorf Robotic Integration Solutions for Pharmaceutical Sector

  2. Abstract • Brief introduction Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation in Europe • Reduce operating costs • Improved production line efficiency • Increased flexibility of manufacturing process • New robotics • Applications Robotic Integration Solutions for Pharmaceutical Sector

  3. Mitsubishi WorldwideA broad range of products

  4. Mitsubishi Electric global.mitsubishielectric.com • Leading electrical engineering and electronics • Established 1921 • 120 countries • 117.000 employees • €33,2 billionannual turnover

  5. Europe En Belgium Fr Belgium Nl Bulgaria Bg Czech Cz France Fr Germany De Greece Gr Hungary Hu Ireland En Italy It Netherlands Nl Poland Pl Romania Ro Russia Ru Slovakia Sk Slovenia Sl South Africa En Spain Es Sweden Se Turkey Tr UK En Factory Automation www.mitsubishi-automation.com • Support in local languages throughout Europe • Network of over 50 Mitsubishi partners • More information at www.mitsubishi-automation~

  6. Mitsubishi Electric in UK Mitsubishi Electric United Kingdom Factory Automation Travellers Ln, Hatfield AL10 8XB +44 1707 276100

  7. Factory AutomationProduct portfolio in Europe Motor Starters Switchgear Robots CNC EDM Laser Processing Software MMI PLCs Inverter Drives Motion Controllers Servos

  8. Industry needs However, the truth is : Diversity increases risk Change causes downtime Change slows business Technology needs skill • Product innovation • Lower cost • Minimum risk • Minimum downtime • Minimum change • Minimum investment

  9. Main Topics for Industry Pharmaceutical: Your tasks… : - Biopharmacy (manufacturer of pre-filled syringe) - Biopharmacy (manufacturer of freeze-dried food / medicine) - products for artifical feeding (künstliche Ernährung) - medicine-packaging-requirements will increase - technical requirement of clean rooms is increasing - trend for production: PAT- Process Analytical Technology Our solutions and references….: => C-Batch, use Batch Controller, PLC based => MES-IT, use intelligent and powerful MES interface, PLC based => robot, suitable for secondary packaging (...without contact to active substance) => labautomation

  10. Product opportunities • MES IT technology • Energy Management • Robot applications, especially pick&place and secondary packaging, often with new RH-3SDHR (pharma-robot)

  11. Robot News: developed Multiple-resistant specification (for pharma manufacturing)

  12. Robot News: F seriesMultiple-resistant specification [Features] 1. Improved chemical resistance against acid and alkaline cleaners - It is possible to sterilize with hydrogen peroxide gas (H2O2 700ppm) or wipe with hydrogen peroxide solution (6% concentration) because of special coating (adapted to FDA) and special sealing - Application of stainless steel 2. NSF H1 certified grease for food machinery has been applied - The washability has been improved by adopting the H1 grease 3. Surface shape is designed to keep out foreign matter - Easy cleaning due to special bolts and smooth surface shape [Applications] Transportation, packaging and processing of food/medicine [Protection degree] IP65 rated, Clean Room ISO class 5 corresponding [Corresponding models] RV-4/7/13/20F, RH-6/12/20FH

  13. Customer Applications:

  14. Scada Application: contrast agents for gynecological examination Scada application with: 1 unlimited server (standalone with two clients on the same machine) 2 unlimited redundant servers 7 unlimited clients Solution is designed with MAPS Scada system, 6 SystemQ PLCs, Drives

  15. Handling Application: Vial Handling, Packaging Products: Robots, Servo/Motion, Controller “Thanks to the compact dimensions of the MRT and the slimline overhead robots from Mitsubishi Electric, we were able to implement the solution very well in spite of the very limited space of around two square metres. The extreme degrees of freedom of the robots offer us great flexibility with regard to installation. They work very quickly, yet with extreme accuracy, just like the servos. This is the only way that the high clock rate can be achieved.” Mike Weber, Managing Director of Robotronic AG

  16. Lab Application: stem cell picking “Not only does the robot enable researchers to continue with other tasks, but the gentle picking process keeps the colonies intact and increases the cells’ ability to grow and thrive”Colin Barker, Sanger Institute.

  17. Assembling Application: Assembling of heart / lung machine “We wanted simple programming and uniform data output, so it had to be possible to use a variety of different robot types, like SCARA and articulated-arm robots, in combination with controller components that are as close to identical as possible.” (Gunter Baron, a developer at MAQUET’s Perfusion Systems division) “

  18. Packaging Application: Syringe Denester with a capacity of 400 Syringes/Min Our newly developed MRT for syringe handling is the only machine in the world that can optionally handle both known nests and combs. This was also thanks to two fast F-Series robots of Mitsubishi with 400 pcs. per minute. New to the world market is also the loading and discharged from the rotaiting tower. This allows the construction of a machine that only 50 percent of space oversimilar equipment is needed. This also works for the new FDA required "non Glass Contact" = single syringe handling.! Robotronic MRT

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