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Dedication. By: Robert Frost. The final seven stanzas of the poem:. The glory of a next Augustan age,

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By: Robert Frost

the final seven stanzas of the poem
The final seven stanzas of the poem:

The glory of a next Augustan age,

Of a power leading from its strength and pride,Of young ambition eager to be tried,Firm in our free beliefs without dismay,In any game the nations want to play.A golden age of poetry and powerOf which this noonday's the beginning hour.

why is the poem historically important
Why is the poem historically important?
  • This poem is the first to be recited at an inauguration.
  • Bill Clinton and Barack Obama’s inaugurations followed.
  • The concept of reciting a poem at his inauguration showed that JFK respected American culture.
why is the poem personally important
Why is the poem personally important?
  • Poetry is kinda cool.
  • Influencing something such as poetry into something like politics can make it seem cooler.

Although he intended to do so, Robert Frost didn’t actually recite this poem at the inauguration. He couldn’t read off of the paper it was typed on due to the bright sunlight. Instead, he recited “The Gift Outright” from memory, another poem written by him.


JFK made a good choice by asking him to recite the poem, because it influenced cultural/poetic aspects into politics.


This is Frost at the inauguration. (He looks old because at the time he was like 80)