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Apple iPhone 5 Release

Apple iPhone 5 Release. By: Kristin Vargas, Danna Del Rosario, Melissa Rando , Steven Villalobos. December 6, 2012 Management and Organizational Concepts MGT 250- 70299 Professor DeFeis. Table of Contents. History 3-10 Innovation 11-16

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Apple iPhone 5 Release

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  1. Apple iPhone 5 Release By: Kristin Vargas, Danna Del Rosario, Melissa Rando, Steven Villalobos December 6, 2012 Management and Organizational Concepts MGT 250- 70299 Professor DeFeis

  2. Table of Contents History 3-10 Innovation 11-16 Promotional Strategy 17-28 Financial Reports 29-36

  3. History Steven Villalobos

  4. Company Background • Steven Paul Jobs, Stephen Gary Wozniak and Ronald Gerald Wayne founded Apple Computer in 1976 • Apple Computer’s first product was the Apple I • Apple Computer became Apple Computer Inc in 1977 Steven Villalobos

  5. Company Background Continued • Apple headquarters are located in Cupertino, California. • The Chairman of Apple Inc is Arthur D. Levinson • The CEO of Apple Inc is Tim Cook • Apple Computer Inc became Apple Inc in 2007 • Apple introduced the iPhone January 2007 • There are various different iPhones today, the latest being the iPhone 5 Steven Villalobos

  6. Past Competitors • Most of Apple’s past competitors are computer companies • Microsoft • IBM • HP • GateWay • Dell Steven Villalobos

  7. Current Competitors • New competitors have been introduced since the production of the iPhone • Samsung-produced recently the Galaxy S III • Nokia- produced recently the Lumia 920 • Motorola-produced recently the Droid Razr HD Steven Villalobos

  8. iPhone 5 Competition Chart Steven Villalobos

  9. iPhone 5 Market Positioning Steven Villalobos

  10. iPhone Marketing Position Cont… Steven Villalobos

  11. Innovation 2G 3G 3GS 4 4S 5 Kristin Vargas

  12. What makes Apple innovative? • Successful companies innovate • Apple embraces change • Product change/improvements Worlds Most Innovated Companies (2008) Kristin Vargas

  13. First iPhone • “Other smartphones aren’t that smart and easy to use…but the iPhone is smart and easy to use…We are going to reinvent the phone” –Steve Jobs Kristin Vargas

  14. Perceptual Map of iPhone WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) Kristin Vargas

  15. Exterior Changes iPhones 1-4S iPhone 5 • iPhone 5 is thinner, sleeker and has a wider screen • Introduced flash on the camera with iPhone 4 • iPhone 5 has a new charger • New design for headphone introduced with iPhone 5 iPhone 5 & 4 New headphones Old Headphones Kristin Vargas

  16. Interior Changes • More storage for music and apps • Better graphics • Better battery life • Introduction of Siri with iPhone 4S • Introduction of iCloud • Removal of Google Maps App, introduction of Apple Maps Google Maps App Apple Maps Kristin Vargas

  17. Promotional Strategies The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone Danna Del Rosario

  18. Strategies • Build up anticipation of product release • Advertisement of good ethical practices • Establishing connection with consumers Danna Del Rosario

  19. WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) • September 12, 2012 • Show new products and features • Attendees from 60 different countries • 1hr and 43mins • 1,000 apple engineers • Perfect introduction for the iPhone 5 • Pre-orders for the iPhone 5 Danna Del Rosario

  20. Dominant in the Marketing field • Dominates 37% of the mobile advertisement market Danna Del Rosario

  21. Marketing Trend: Increase spending Danna Del Rosario

  22. Good Ethical Practices “ Danna Del Rosario

  23. The Story Behind Apple's Environmental Footprint • Commitment to create products that have the least impact on the environment by attempting to use less materials, smaller packaging, recycling and energy efficient products. Danna Del Rosario

  24. Supplier Responsibility Danna Del Rosario

  25. Supplier Responsibility • Fair Labor Association • Protecting workers and ensuring a safe working environment • Prevention of excessive working hours • Underage labor Danna Del Rosario

  26. Connecting with consumers • Understanding and using the product • Approachable roles • Product that will better everyday lives Danna Del Rosario

  27. Danna Del Rosario

  28. Danna Del Rosario

  29. Financial Reports Melissa Rando

  30. Apple Sales before iPhone 5 Melissa Rando

  31. After iPhone 5 release (in millions) 2012 2011 2010 Melissa Rando

  32. iPhone sales increased 2012 2011 2010 Melissa Rando

  33. Distribution • Sales exceeds production • Weeks before shipping out orders Pre- orders • High demand Melissa Rando

  34. What is Next for the iPhone? More advanced system for Siri Faster Processor Laser Keyboard Waterproof Melissa Rando

  35. The End

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