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Apple iPhone: Overview. A ‘revolutionary’ multimedia smartphone for the consumer market ‘Simpler, easier to use’ yet more functional Combines three core elements: Mobile Phone Multimedia Internet Browsing. Key Hardware Features. Virtual touchscreen interface; no keypad/buttons

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apple iphone overview
Apple iPhone: Overview
  • A ‘revolutionary’ multimedia smartphone for the consumer market
  • ‘Simpler, easier to use’ yet more functional
  • Combines three core elements:
    • Mobile Phone
    • Multimedia
    • Internet Browsing
key hardware features
Key Hardware Features
  • Virtual touchscreen interface; no keypad/buttons
    • UI changes by application
    • Responds to taps and gestures
    • Compensates for accidental touches, missed buttons
  • 3 Sensor Technologies:
    • Accelerometer to automatically control screen aspect
    • Proximity to disable touchscreen when held to ear
    • Ambient light to automatically adjust screen backlight
  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • WiFi b/g, Bluetooth 2.0
home screen and applications menu
Home Screen and Applications Menu
  • Icon-driven menu
  • Links to phone, applications, widgets
  • Links to core applications (phone, email, browser, and iPod) along the bottom
  • Displays date/time, coverage, battery power
  • Slide gesture with finger unlocks screen
phone interface and virtual keypad
Phone Interface and Virtual Keypad
  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • Dial by name
  • Conference calling
  • Call history
  • Integrated with PIM, browser applications
virtual qwerty and email client
Virtual QWERTY and Email Client
  • Virtual touch-enabled QWERTY keypad for email, SMS, PIM data entry
  • Rich Text and HTML capabilities claimed
  • Attachment support (file format viewing TBD)
  • Compatible with POP3 and IMAP accounts
  • Scheduled synch with accounts
  • ‘Push’ email enabled with Yahoo mail
safari browser
Safari Browser
  • Full HTML browsing
  • Scroll and zoom
  • iTunes integration
  • On-screen controls
  • Widescreen format video
google maps
Google Maps
  • Locations search and directions
  • Business search
  • Results integrated with phone
  • Support for Google satellite maps
  • Scroll and zoom
key unknowns
Key Unknowns
  • Durability
    • It’s one giant touchscreen – don’t drop it!
  • Battery life
    • How will the OS, full web browsing, persistent data connections impact?
  • Virtual QWERTY
    • How does it really stack up?
  • Wireless Data Performance
    • Reliability, speed of browsing, data transfer, etc.
    • Bandwidth consumption – key for battery life!
  • ‘Push’ Email Experience
    • What’s the transport?
    • How robust, reliable, secure?
    • ‘Push’ integration with accounts other than Yahoo?
what the analysts are saying so far
What the Analysts are Saying so far…

“In our view there are two distinct segments in the smartphone market: multimedia and messaging. The iPhone has a strong multimedia suite that will appeal to consumers, but we believe RIM’s BlackBerry smartphones with hardware keyboards have superior messaging (secure email) features targeted at prosumers and enterprises.”

Merrill Lynch

January 10, 2007

what the analysts are saying so far1
What the Analysts are Saying so far…

“iPhone is impressive…but faces some big challenges.”

“The device is expensive (US$499-US$599), has only one carrier partner in the U.S., faces potential battery life limitations, and is likely taxing on carrier networks in terms of bandwidth consumption.”

“We do not see the iPhone taking meaningful share from BlackBerry in the mobile phone market.”

Scotia Capital

January 10, 2007

what the analysts are saying so far2
What the Analysts are Saying so far…

“I think that anyone who uses the iPhone in its first generation – for critical business – is crazy.”

“Today’s high-end phones – BlackBerry, Treo, the many Nokias, etc. – have gone through years and years of development to get to where they are. There are SO MANY things that can go wrong in a phone.”

“…it’s a tough, tough job to create a phone that’s both sophisticated and reliable, and all the handset vendors wear the scars of that challenge.”

Alan Reiter

Wireless Internet & Mobile Computing

January 10, 2007