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Healthy diet for 65 year old woman PowerPoint Presentation
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Healthy diet for 65 year old woman

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Healthy diet for 65 year old woman - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jobs for 50-year-olds with no experience.\n

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bloomerboomer is an online provider of media

Bloomerboomer is an online provider of media content through its online publication to the viewers of plus 50 age group. Their aim is to tackle such individual problems head-on without fear or denial. Their articles are not just entertaining but informative as well for those who feel the need to connect with the world.

they collate news and information for articles

They collate news and information for articles on an hourly basis from publications from all over the world. They also have CNN-style programs per week. Bloomerboomer cover a variety of topics from diet, vitality, sexuality, well-being to mental health, exercise and careers. They provide these contents for free on Bloomerboomer’s YouTube channel, iTunes channels and through a live streaming on Facebook. These videos provide not only informative articles but are also entertaining for the audience.

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