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Geothermal Energy- Why should We Use Geothermal Energy

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Geothermal Energy- Why should We Use Geothermal Energy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Geothermal Energy- Why should We Use Geothermal Energy' - davidstoffel123

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Geothermal Energy

Top 9 Reason

Why Should We Use Geothermal Energy


100% Renewable

Geothermal power is based on heat energy stored underneath the ground. This intense heat is trapped in enormous quantities inside water reservoirs in the earth’s crust. In fact, it is considered essentially limitless.


Clean-Burning and Low-Emission

Geothermal energy is considered clean because it can be extracted and converted without burning any fossil fuels. The ‘emissions’ from a geothermal plant are mainly benign water vapors.


High Energy Potential

Oil and other ‘fossil’ fuels are just that—finite fossils that took a long time to form millions of years ago. As a result, there is only so much valuable oil we can extract from identified reserves.


Scalable Production

Some level of geothermal energy is available in most places. There is potential for geothermal development throughout the United States, and the process is highly scalable.


Base Load Stability

The base load forms the primary bulk of demand for a grid’s electricity. A reliable and constant supply of power is required to meet this demand.


Light on Carbon

A geothermal system is an excellent way to substantially reduce a building’s carbon footprint.While geothermal energy is not entirely carbon-free, it releases a fraction as much co2 into the atmosphere as fossil fuels.


Low-Maintenance Versatility

Geothermal energy can replace both heating and cooling systems in buildings—and do both jobs more efficiently than conventional air-cooled systems.


Smart Land Use

Geothermal energy has the smallest land footprint of any major power source. It doesn’t require much additional real estate—a boon in dense urban zones.


Green Economy

The uncapped energy potential of hydrothermal reservoirs means there will never be anything like ‘peak geothermal.’ This has serious implications for job creation and the strength of the green economy.