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TechPeaks: Internet Of Money PowerPoint Presentation
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TechPeaks: Internet Of Money

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TechPeaks: Internet Of Money - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cryptocurrencies are profoundly disrupting the way payments, digital assets and applications around them are created, distributed, verified. Similarly to the introduction of HTTP and the web browser, which made the Internet accessible to all, Bitcoin as a protocol is spurring an unprecedented level of innovation in the fields of finance and payment technologies.

This talk is part of the TechPeaks Innovation series organized by TrentoRise.

Thanks to the "Bitcoin and the Internet of Money" Facebook group founded by Alex Lightman for allowing me to further my thinking on digital currencies and the future of finance.

The talk will last for 30 minutes, to be followed by 30 minutes of questions and answers using the public live YouTube video's Q&A module as well as the questions from the local audience in Trento, Italy.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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TechPeaks: Internet Of Money

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. May 2014 Image: Wikimedia

    2. David Orban CEO, Dotsub ? ? @davidorban @dotsub

    3. Facebook Group: “Internet of Money”

    4. 1. Networks 2. Foundation 3. Experiments 4. Principles 5. Q&A

    5. Networks

    6. Acceleration

    7. Pyramids archer10

    8. Feudalism dicktay2000

    9. Industrial Age sludgeulper

    10. Network Age jurvetson

    11. Technology is Key

    12. Network Society

    13. Photovoltaics - Ecat?

    14. 3D hydroponics - Plantlab plantlab

    15. 3D Printing - Makerbot makerbot

    16. P2P Currency - Bitcoin sylvar

    17. Foundation

    18. A New Technology Stack (Finance *is* Technology) Example Remittance Bitcoin BlockChain Joi Ito, Wikipedia

    19. Mathematical Innovations Wikipedia

    20. Trust is Earned, not Imposed Bitcoincharts Bitstamp

    21. Blockchain: The Network is the Authority

    22. Proof of Work – Proof of Stake “Bitcoin is like Sudoku:
 hard to solve,
 easy to prove”? ? Andreas Antonopoulos Background: NOAA Ocean Explorer ? Photo: David Orban

    23. Weaving Is A Better Metaphor Than Mining Background: NOAA Ocean Explorer ? Photo: David Orban

    24. Once Discovered Cannot Be Uninvented Wikipedia

    25. Many Kinds Of Cryptocurrencies Bitcoinlife

    26. Is Your Country Future-aware?

    27. Distributed Autonomous Corporations Wikipedia

    28. Open Source Project on Github Github

    29. What Is Bitcoin? Currency
 Transaction Language

    30. Currency P2P? Decentralized? Distributed

    31. Transactions Anyone? Anywhere? Anytime? Any Amount? Pseudonimous

    32. Transactions Irreversible? Secure? Trustless?

    33. Experiments

    34. Localbitcoins Image: Wikimedia

    35. Buying an Espresso Image: Wikimedia

    36. Live Trading on Satoshi Square Image: Wikimedia

    37. International Remittance New York Dakar Image: Wikimedia

    38. Fewer Quants, More Startups Image: Wikimedia

    39. Deflation for a Sustainable Future Image: NOAA Ocean Explorer ? Chart:

    40. Monetary Sovereignty in the Age of Bitcoin? ? Background: NOAA Ocean Explorer ? Photo: David Orban

    41. Principles

    42. The Privilege of Failure “The formula for success? 
 Double your rate of failure.” Thomas J. Watson, IBM “The Internet multiplied a thousandfold our failure rate, without increasing the cost of our success” Cory Doctorow