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David Kissack

David Kissack

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David Kissack

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  1. David Kissack

  2. David Kissack is an assiduous and energetic professional who graduated Cum Laude in 1997 with Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Florida Atlantic University. Prior to this, he attended Tampa Technical Institute to attain Associate of Arts degree in Architectural CADD. He has a vast experience as a mechanical engineering professional and currently, he is a Structural Mechanical Design Engineer at Leaders in Structural Mechanical Design Engineering which is located in Orlando, Florida. He spends most of his free time by involving himself in adventurous activities like motorcycling and skateboarding. Flying radio controlled helicopter and writing FORTRAN programs are also some of the other activities that are included in the list of his favorites. David Kissack – An Assiduous And Energetic Professional

  3. Over the years, David Kissack has established many core competencies in number of areas including Project Management, Strategic Planning, Safety, Staff Development and Training, ANSYS, Customer Service Regulatory Compliance, ProE, AutoCAD, Root Cause Analysis and Equipment Design Finite Element Analysis. During his service as a team member of BB44FA Hsiheo HP/IP fossil steam turbine upgrade project, he knocked out many challenges for a remote site that included shift in inner casing. The project was delivered on time and met all the requirements. With a vast working experience in various industries, David Kissack implemented a systematic approach to design the most complicated hardware. Core Competencies

  4. David Kissack worked as a Structural Engineer at Lawn Care and Fencing, Vero Beach, and as Layout Engineer at the company named Aluminum Railing Specialists, Pompano Beach. He offered both organizational as well as technical expertise to handle projects till their completion. He checks structural elements to ensure compliance with the clients' requirements and offers project development support and manufacturing design. Structural Engineer/ Layout Engineer at LCF/ARS

  5. David Kissack designed and structured elements for numerous residential and commercial projects. He conducted hand calculations for wind load and wrote QBASIC code to size up reinforced concrete beams. His other responsibilities included collaborating with support groups, manufacturers, vendors and supporting contractors to determine the achievement of goals and identifying/resolving permitting and field inspection related issues. Design Engineer at Weyant Engineering

  6. David Kissack is a vital member of the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers). ASME is a not-for-profit membership organization that supports collaboration, knowledge sharing, skills development and career enrichment across all engineering communities. It was founded by a group of leading industrialists in 1880 and has rapidly grown over the years to add more than 120,000 members in over 150 countries. The organization serves as a technical community through programs in professional development, training, continuing education, standards, codes and research. ASME

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