david kissack a highly experienced mechanical n.
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David Kissack

David Kissack

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David Kissack

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  1. David Kissack A highly experienced mechanical engineer from Florida

  2. David Kissackis a highly experienced mechanical engineer from Florida, with exceptional academic qualification. He has been honored with many prestigious awards for his commitment to achieving excellence in each assignment in which he was engaged. He received two SPOT awards for on time and successful completion of projects while working at Siemens Energy. He has held numerous key positions in different organizations including Weyant Engineering, Siemens Energy, Aluminum Railing Specialists, Lawn Care and Fencing and more. David Kissack – A highly experienced mechanical engineer from Florida

  3. Presently, he is a Structural Mechanical Design Engineer at Leaders in Structural Mechanical Design Engineering in Orlando, FL

  4. Over the years, David Kissack has established many core competencies in number of areas including Project Management, Strategic Planning, Safety, Staff Development and Training, ANSYS, Customer Service Regulatory Compliance, ProE, AutoCAD, Root Cause Analysis and Equipment Design Finite Element Analysis. During his service as a team member of BB44FA Hsiheo HP/IP fossil steam turbine upgrade project, he knocked out many challenges for a remote site that included shift in inner casing. The project was delivered on time and met all the requirements. With a vast working experience in various industries, David Kissack implemented a systematic approach to design the most complicated hardware. Core Competencies

  5. David Kissacktook the responsibility of three aerospace projects. He worked together with colleagues to create design criteria, quality standards, cost estimates and testing methods. He ensured adherence to projects with standard engineering principles as well as customer requirements. Apart from this, he was also in charge for resolving issues, troubleshooting and streamlining the engineering systems and processes. Aerospace Projects

  6. At Belcan, Florida; David Kissack managed hand calculation and structural analysis for gas turbine exhaust nozzle. He worked in tandem with cross-functional teams to structure and deploy product innovations and solutions. He created various strategies to ensure the optimum utilization of resources, quality assurance and process engineering. Besides this, he developed drawings and 3-D parts with PRO, and used ANSYS to conduct FEA for ejector nozzle of Pratt F100 engine. Various Strategies

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