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David Key Fresno What is Behind Black and White Lines PowerPoint Presentation
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David Key Fresno What is Behind Black and White Lines

David Key Fresno What is Behind Black and White Lines

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David Key Fresno What is Behind Black and White Lines

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  1. David Key Fresno What is Behind Black and White Lines

  2. David Key Fresno’s – Academic Mr. David Key Fresno earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Southern Polytechnic State University, Marietta, Georgia.

  3. David Key Fresno’s – Professional David Key Fresno has more than twenty years of work experience as an entrepreneur, technologist and dynamic, innovative leader. Prior to founding Precision Steel in 2007, Key was President and Chief Executive Officer of Virtual Engineering Inc., where he organized a skilled team of engineers and applied his knowledge of interactive software. He created photo-realistic 3D virtual tours that were converted to engineering specifications for interior fabrication development. Clients included Fresno Acura, Weber BMW, On the Rocks nightclub and many others. Client interiors were designed, engineered and fabricated in pieces inside Virtual Engineering 40,000 square-foot fabrication facilities. It was here that Key tested 3D imagery and exported software into CAD engineering environments to create a more accurate representations of each project.

  4. David Key Fresno explains What is Bar Code? A bar code is an optical representation of data that can be read easily by the scanning device instrumentation, which in turn gets translated by the special software. Priory, bar codes are available as specified parallel lines usually in black color, known vastly as one-dimensional or linear bar codes. Though, in these days, bar coding device is able to read all kinds of patterns including hexagon, square, dots and other geometric patterns, known widely as two dimensional matrix codes. All such symbols are not bars, but still referred and pertained as bar codes. 

  5. Use of Bar Code by Industries The foremost bar coding instrumentation was employed and used in retail sector, to automate their checkout procedure and point of sales system. Since then, bar code systems are vastly used all over the world in several other industries and applications. Moreover, varied forms of bar codes as well as bar scanning devices are available in the market nowadays at affordable prices. There are distinctive components including bar code readers and optical scanners that read the bar codes scanned from an image integrating special software to interpret, which is very similar to the software employed in Smart phone platforms. In addition, other bar code equipment constituents includes screen displays, CPU’s (Central Processing Units) and bar code printers, which are very flexible and compact to get fitted in any space or location. 

  6. Component of Bar Code System The most appealing and acknowledged component of bar coding system involves a bar code scanner, which you have for sure ascertained as a red light that seems to appear every time a bar code is scanned. Comprising no as such moving elements, bar code scanners are extremely used as hand held devices and permanent fixed bar code instrumentations. Becoming an indispensable part of our daily lives, bar coding systems can even scan damaged or low quality bar codes with utmost accuracy and preciseness. All the components of bar coding system were especially designed as light weighted, compact and mobile, considering space management purposes in mind. In short, bar coding equipment’s and bar coding scanners have changed the entire world procedure, leading it towards more accurate and speedy transactions, saving a lot of time of people.

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