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David Key Fresno

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David key fresno the technology expert with twenty years of work experience as an entrepreneur, technologist and dynamic and innvoative leader. David key fresno aka Technology Guru Offers Hints into Next Social Network.

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david key fresno

David Key Fresno

Technology Guru Offers Hints into Next Social Network

david key fresno s academic

David Key Fresno’s – Academic

Mr. David Key Fresno earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Southern Polytechnic State University, Marietta, Georgia.

david key fresno s professional

David Key Fresno’s – Professional

David Key Fresno has more than twenty years of work experience as an entrepreneur, technologist and dynamic, innovative leader.

Prior to founding Precision Steel in 2007, Key was President and Chief Executive Officer of Virtual Engineering Inc., where he organized a skilled team of engineers and applied his knowledge of interactive software. He created photo-realistic 3D virtual tours that were converted to engineering specifications for interior fabrication development. Clients included Fresno Acura, Weber BMW, On the Rocks nightclub and many others. Client interiors were designed, engineered and fabricated in pieces inside Virtual Engineering 40,000 square-foot fabrication facilities. It was here that Key tested 3D imagery and exported software into CAD engineering environments to create a more accurate representations of each project.

the technology guru

The Technology Guru

A trip to sunny Irvine, California revealed the true grit of a man on a mission plus the message of action by this unique entrepreneur who has defined what it means to be the ‘golden boy’ in the ‘golden state’; the technology guru, David Key Fresno.

A tip came to me recently from a VC in New York that Key was on his ‘project next’ that would probably take an internet engine that will be the next giant social network, revolutionizing the largest untapped market in today’s economy.

what david key fresno expressed

What David Key Fresno Expressed?

David Key Fresno confidently expressed that his new project was bigger and so intricate as to make the internet industry stand up in orbit adulation. With the initial seed money in motion, Key is in research and development mode, linking code and auto features in a network environment that will ultimately line up VCs and equity partners galore.

‘I am keeping my beta close to the vest,’ confides Key. ‘And I am jamming away on my whiteboards with multiple applications at the same time keeping my feet firmly to the ground to deliver seamless and ease of use ways which comes natural to the end user.’

For David Key Fresno Key to not reveal his product is revealing much: as he has already has proven with his integrated technological breakthroughs including the intelligent medical card for the healthcare industry.

This technology guru should be on the radar to the likes of Steve Jobs.

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Contact Me:-

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