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High School

High School. Panagia Theoskepasti. Gymnasium. Paphos-Cyprus. The presentation has just begun. CHYPRE. CYPRUS. ΚΥΠΡΟΣ. The symbol of Cyprus, goddess of Love. A more contemporary fort “Saranda Kolones” a remnant of the Era of the Louisianans.

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High School

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  1. High School Panagia Theoskepasti Gymnasium Paphos-Cyprus

  2. The presentation has just begun


  4. The symbol of Cyprus, goddess of Love

  5. A more contemporary fort “Saranda Kolones” a remnant of the Era of the Louisianans

  6. A scene from the Mosaics at the House of Dionysus in Kato Paphos

  7. Cyprus women spinning wool which they used to make thread

  8. Tools used to make thread

  9. A woman working on the loom to weave textile

  10. A woman in a traditional village house

  11. Men’s costumes • A man’s costume is consisted of three pieces. The bottom part is a result of many meters of textile sewn together in the waist (vraka). The upper part is a waistcoat often decorated with broidery and colourful thread. The third part is a shirt worn under the waistcoat.

  12. More men’s clothes

  13. Women’s clothes • Women in the old times used to go to the fountains to get water for their homes. They are seen here wearing everyday clothes and holding jars.

  14. More women’s clothes

  15. A man and a woman wearing traditional clothes in their bedroom

  16. A scene from the popular funny serial Aigia Fuxia on Cyprus TV


  18. Bibliography • Photos taken by the teacher Georgia Theodorou and the pupil Maria Protopapa • Photos from museums of popular art in Paphos • The Internet

  19. Traditional Costumes of Cyprus • A project by the pupil Maria Protopapa guided by the teachers Georgia Theodorou and Sofia Kazeli. • Translation in French, by the teacher, Andreas Pentaras.

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