oregon s quality rating and improvement system increasing quality training n.
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Oregon’s Quality Rating and improvement system Increasing Quality Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Oregon’s Quality Rating and improvement system Increasing Quality Training

Oregon’s Quality Rating and improvement system Increasing Quality Training

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Oregon’s Quality Rating and improvement system Increasing Quality Training

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  1. Oregon’s Quality Rating and improvement system Increasing Quality Training Training Date Trainer(s) Trainer(s) agency Training Location

  2. Session Outcome and Objectives

  3. What is Oregon’s QRIS?

  4. What is QRIS? Q Quality

  5. What is QRIS? R Rating

  6. What is QRIS? I Improvement

  7. What is QRIS? S System

  8. What is QRIS? QRIS Quality for Better Outcomes for Children in Oregon

  9. State and National Focus On Early Childhood Care and Education In the spotlight

  10. Oregon’s Focus on Early Childhood • Governor Kitzhaber’s focus on Education • Oregon Educational Investment Board • 40-40-20

  11. Oregon’s 40-40-20

  12. Early Learning Division’s Vision 1. Ensure all children are ready for kindergarten and reading at grade-level in 3rd grade. 2. Children are raised in stable and attached families. 3. Integrate resources and services statewide.

  13. Early Learning in Oregon • Early Learning Council and Early Learning Division Initiatives to meet the vision • QRIS • Kindergarten Entry Assessment • Universal Screening • Early Learning HUBS

  14. Early Learning in Oregon • Successful Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge federal grant • Systems building money for early childhood in Oregon • $30 million over 5 years

  15. National Focus on Early Learning • President Obama is also focusing on and investing in the future through young children Short video can be found at • In November 2013 Senator Harkin introduced the Strong Start for America’s Children Act that has bipartisan sponsorship and support

  16. Questions?

  17. Oregon’s QRIS History and Field Test Why QRIS?

  18. Oregon’s QRIS is Not New

  19. QRIS Partners

  20. Field Test Process Evaluation Validation Study • WOU • Looks at QRIS process • Does QRIS lead to quality improvement? • Which parts of the process are vital? Which can we streamline? • OSU and PSU • Study of difference in quality between each star level • Will do an onsite observation after you turn in your portfolio • Will have a child outcome study in the future

  21. Field Test Benefits • Be the first to be a part of something big • Help shape future QRIS versions • Extra support available • You get to tell us what works and doesn’t work

  22. Field Test Responsibilities • Flexibility, patience, willingness to help • Complete Surveys • Participate in on-site observations • Sign MOU • Participate in quality improvement process and rating

  23. Oregon’s QRIS Overview So, what is it?

  24. Oregon’s QRIS 5 Tier Building Block System Supports for Quality Improvement Incentives for Quality Rating Commitment to Quality Licensed

  25. QRIS Standards Structure

  26. QRIS Materials Structure

  27. QRIS Domains and Standards

  28. Star Level Indicators: Building Block 5-Star 5-Star 4-Star 4-Star 3-Star

  29. Questions?

  30. Supports and Incentives Differentbut both good

  31. QRIS Supports • Oregon QRIS Resources Website ( • Quality Improvement Specialist supports • Portfolio supports • Forums and web-based supports • Financial supports

  32. Financial Supports • All C2Q programs are eligible for support funds • Amount determined by licensed capacity of program • Must be used to support quality improvements

  33. Request for Supports • Programs request financial supports through TRI at WOU using Request for Supports form • Must submit: • Request for Supports form • WOU Substitute W-9 form • Quality Improvement Plan indicating plans for spending funds • Review the Request for Supports form

  34. What Can Support Money be Spent On? • Quality Improvement • Quality Improvement! • QUALITY IMPROVEMENT! Must save your receipts

  35. Support Money Cannot Be Used for: • Capital improvements - i.e., permanent improvements such as construction of built-in shelves, patios, concrete pads, etc. • Sectarian materials - Federal monies must not be used to purchase religious materials • Operating costs - i.e., rent, water, etc. • Anything that cannot be justified as quality improvement on a Quality Improvement Plan

  36. Financial Incentives • Awarded by TRI after program receives star quality rating • Amount depends on size of program and quality rating awarded • Recognizes achievements and provides support for ongoing cost of quality (there is no restriction on how you spend these funds)

  37. Questions?

  38. Achieving Commitment to Quality (C2Q) Documents and Processes

  39. Commitment to Quality: QRIS Gateway 

  40. Commitment to Quality Process What you need to mail in to start the process • Completed application • Signed MOU • Completed Self-Assessment • Training certificate from this class YOU WILL BE SENDING IN A COPY OF ALL OF THE ABOVE • You keep the original • If your application is approved for a Commitment to Quality level, you will receive a Welcome Kit

  41. Program Application • Collect basic information on program • Identify QRIS lead • Understand C2Q requirements • Serves as a “gateway” to the QRIS process

  42. Filling out Program Application If you do not provide this evidence with your application, it will cause delays in getting C2Q & your Welcome Kit. Call the helpline if you have questions.

  43. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) • Agreement to participate in QRIS field test • Important document to read and keep first page, return signature page only • Review MOU

  44. Self-Assessment • Starting point for QRIS process, continuous quality improvement • Two versions: Center and Family • Tool to begin to understand QRIS standards and where your program stands • Make best guess or choose “partial” if unsure • Will not be judged • QRIS flexible, individual approach – move at own pace with supports

  45. Completing the Self-Assessment

  46. Activity Start your Self-Assessment

  47. Questions?

  48. Getting your C2Q Designation, Welcome Kit & Continuing the Process