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JVL Agro Industries Ltd. PowerPoint Presentation
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JVL Agro Industries Ltd.

JVL Agro Industries Ltd.

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JVL Agro Industries Ltd.

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  1. JVL Agro Industries Ltd. A strategic growth option

  2. CONTENTS • Company Overview • Vision and Mission • Brief Profile of the Company • Leadership Profile • Our Product • Company Overview • Milestones and Achievements • Haldia Port • JVL Oil Refinery, Haldia (A unit of JVL Agro Industries Ltd) • Thank You

  3. VISION & MISSION Vision To delight the consumer through a complete vegetable oils solution, through continuous research and development in healthier oil varieties, leading to a single-stop convenience. Mission To extend leadership from saturated fats to the entire vegetable oil segment in the first stage and then to agro-based premium food products thereafter, from a single region in India to a global manufacturing and marketing presence. 3

  4. BRIEF PROFILE OF THE COMPANY PROF I L E The Company JVL Agro Industries Limited (Formerly known as Jhunjhunwala Vanaspati Ltd) has been promoted by Mr. D. N. Jhunjhunwala (Father) & Mr. S. N. Jhunjhunwala (Son) and incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 as on November 17, 1989 with the Registrar of Companies, Kanpur, U. P. & Uttaranchal. Our Locations 1. Manufacturing unit at Jaunpur (U.P.) 2 Refinery / Vanaspati unit at Pahleja (Bihar) 3. Mustard Oil Manufacturing at Alwar (Rajasthan) 4. Refinery at Haldia (West Bengal) 5. Proposed SEZ at Sahupuri (U.P.) 6. Head Office at Varanasi 7. Commercial Office - Mumbai 8. Commercial Office - Delhi 9. Commercial Office - Kolkata 10. Commercial Office - Singapore 11. Joint Venture Project at Sri Lanka 12. Plantation Project at Indonesia 4

  5. LEADERSHIP PROFILE Mr. D. N. Jhunjhunwala, Chairman Mr. D.N. Jhunjhunwala, 78, has more than 50 years of industry experience, of which 33 years have been spent in the oil industry. An engineering graduate in industrial chemistry from Banaras Hindu University, he has held prestigious industry positions including that of the President of Uttar Pradesh Solvent Extractors Association. He is also associated with various philanthropic and religious activities. Mr. S.N. Jhunjhunwala, Managing Director Mr. S.N. Jhunjhunwala, 57, is the co-promoter of Jhunjhunwala Oil Mills Ltd., a solvent extraction plant set up in 1974. He is the promoter of JVL Agro Industries Limited, established in 1989. His sectoral experience spans over 30 years in solvent extraction, oil refining and saturated fats manufacture. Mr. Adarsh Jhunjhunwala, Wholetime Director Mr. Adarsh Jhunjhunwala, a Chartered Account and MBA (Finance), brings more than 5 years of commerce and financial accounting experience to the company. Under his guidance the company is diversifying into various avenues.


  7. COMPANY OVERVIEW Revenues ( in USD’ Million) • Listed on the National Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, Delhi Stock Exchange and Uttar Pradesh Stock Exchange. • On 30.09.2010 the stock price reached its highest ever price i.e. Rs. 45.80 (share of face value Re 1/- each) • Provides a complete vegetable oil solution: Palm Oil, Soybean Oil, Mustard Oil and Saturated fats EBIDTA ( in USD’ Million) • Trusted 2-decade relationship with credible plantation owners in Indonesia, Malaysia, Argentina & Brazil • Largest crude edible oil importer in Northern and Central India • Available in 18 Indian states, 2 Union territories and more than lakhs of retail outlets in India PAT ( in USD’ Million) • Owns the single largest manufacturing unit for saturated fats in India • ISO 9001-2008 certified

  8. MILESTONES AND ACHIEVEMENTS 1990 Commenced production with a 25-TPD capacity 1993 Achieved 100-TPD production at Varanasi 1995 Switched Vanaspati processing technology from chemical processing to modern mechanical technique 1997 Started importing Crude Palmolein Oil (CPO), the basic raw material in edible oil manufacture 1999 Installed a 60-tpd unit for refined oil at Jaunpur, introducing crude soybean and Palmolein oil to the product mix 2000 Increased Vanaspati production capacity to 200 TPD 2005 Introduced a fractionation unit of 200 TPD capacity Acquired a Rajasthan-based mustard seed-crushing and refining plant, Invested in Adamjee Extraction, Sri Lanka, for import of saturated fats under the Jhoola brand and Product sales in the states of UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Uttaranchal and Chhattisgarh. 2006 8

  9. MILESTONES AND ACHIEVEMENTS contd…… 2007 Emerged as the first Vanaspati manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh to commission a 3-MW turbine; formed a wholly-owned subsidiary in Singapore under the name of JVL Overseas Pte. Ltd., Introduced products in the North-eastern states. • Commissioned an edible oil refinery/ Vanaspati unit at Pahleja, Bihar. • Commenced production of a new refinery in Uttar Pradesh, plant supplied by Alfa Laval with the latest technology. • Started the export of de-oiled cakes. • Received government notification for a multi-utility SEZ at Chandauli, Varanasi. 2008 2009 Commercial production from the Bihar unit and Introduced products in Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and West Bengal 2010 Commenced development of the Haldia Unit with 1200 MTPD refining capacity and captive power plant. 2011 Company became listed on the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. • Capacity of mustard seed crushing increased from 200 to 400 MTPD, solvent extraction plant capacity increased from 250 to 450 MTPD and storage capacity of mustard seed increased (by 6400 MT) at Alwar unit. • Commencement of production from the biggest unit (1200 MTPD) of the Company at Haldia. • Introduction of refined oil in the mustard oil market of Eastern India of the Company. 2012 9

  10. MILESTONES AND ACHIEVEMENTS contd…… 2013 Achieved its topline target of Rs.3500.00 crores. Company set to establish rice mill and cement unit in Rohtas, Bihar.. 2014 • Garnered all time high revenues of Rs.4400.00 crores. • Earned a record high profit after tax of Rs.61.26 crores. • Marked its growth in other food product by starting to establish a rice mill in Bihar of 60,000 tonnes per annum capacity. The unit is expected to start production by the end of this calendar year. • Spent the year in consolidating its growth so far and focusing on optimum utilization of assets and curtailing its interest cost; laid the foundation for the next round of growth in other food segments. Source:

  11. AWARDS • Fastest Growing Vanaspati Brand', which entitles “Jhoola” to the GLOBOIL GOLD AWARD in the year 2006. • 'Emerging Company of the Year 2007'. • The leading forum of oil industry Globoil India has conferred the highest recognition “Man of the Year" to Mr. S. N. Jhunjhunwala in the year 2008. This itself shows the value of the contribution by Mr. S.N. Jhunjhunwala for Edible Oil Industry towards all round growth.   • Globoil legend Award 2011 to Sri D. N. Jhunjhunwala, Chairman of the Company.

  12. ADDRESSING WIDER MARKET THROUGH AN INTELLIGENT PRODUCT MIX Leveraging its established Brand power to sell all its products One of the leading brands in Central, Northern and Eastern India • Jhoola • Refined Palm Oil • Refined Soybean Oil • Refined Sunflower Oil • Refined Cotton seed Oil • Mustard Oil • Bakery Products • Vanaspati Product Mix In India Palm, Soybean and Mustard constitutes 75% of total edible oil consumption Customised Packaging Addressing the varied quantity needs of consumers From 200 ml to 5 kg to 15 kg JVL’s complete product mix helps in addressing different sections of consumers in different parts of the country 12

  13. FEEDING THE STATES ACCOUNT FOR >60% OF INDIA’S POPULATION Available in 18 Indian states and 2 union territories,accounting for around 70% of the total population Transformed from a Regional player to a Zonal entity UP and Bihar are the largestsaturatedfats and refinedoil consuming market in India De-oiled cake exported to Vietnam, Bangladesh, Thailand, China, Indonesia and South Korea International Markets Pan North, Central, East and North-East India Network of over 35 depots and 12salespoints Distribution Network Available in more than Lakhs of retailoutlets in India Sales agreement with large retail formats like Big Bazaar in UP Market Share of 35%+ in North – 5 States (UP / Bihar / MP / Punjab / Uttarakhand) 13

  14. COST EFFICIENT PRODUCTION FACILITIES Single largest Saturated fats manufacturing unit in India One of the lowest per ton production cost In-house facility for packaging material production Reduced packaging cost A 3-MW captive plant in the Varanasi facility, fulfilling most of unit’s power requirement Reduced power cost compared with the prevailing grid tariff Lower overall production cost and better sales margin Northern and Central India’s largest crude oil importer Better bargaining power and logistical competitiveness Invested in ERP for transparency, enhanced scalability and accuracy Informed decision making Trusted 2-decade relationship with suppliers locally and internationally Uninterrupted raw material supply Over 80% capacity utilisation in Varanasi, Bihar and Alwar units Enhanced capacity utilisation 14

  15. CURRENT PRODUCTION CAPACITY Saturated fats and Edible oil production capacity Packaging material production capacity • 9 Million HDPE jars per annum • 12 Millions tins per annum • Also manufactures the handles and caps required for the containers Oil Production Capacity of 3000 TPD (as on March 31, 2014) TPA – Tonnes Per Annum; TPD – Tonnes Per Day 15

  16. JVL’S PRESENCE IN INDIA Mumbai Ludhiana Delhi Varanasi Guwahati Haldia Bihar Feeding point Alwar Marketing area Krishnapatnam Manufacturing location Proposed location 16

  17. HALDIA PORT • Only port on the East coast of India (along with Kakinada in South-Eastern part of India) which has edible oil refineries and receipt of imported edible oil • Location advantage – being the only port having access to the entire Central, Eastern and North-Eastern states of India (over 12 states and at least 40% to 50% of the Indian population) • Being on the east coast, it has better proximity to Indonesia/ Malaysia, the hub of palm oil in the world • Facility to unload the crude palm oil directly in the factory from the vessel through pipeline • Facility to load finished product in the railway wagons from outward transportation • Proximity to National/ State roadways, waterways etc for outward transportation through trucks • Availability of quality manpower, power, industrial water and other infrastructure for industrial operation • Eligible incentive for refund of 70% of the VAT deposited, restricted up to 100% of the fixed capital investment in plant & machinery

  18. JVL OIL REFINERY, HALDIA (A UNIT OF JVL AGRO INDUSTRIES LTD) • Oleo-chemical section for fatty acid splitting and distillation and production of soap noodles and hydrogenation of 300 metric tonnes per day as advised by Lurgi (India) • No problem of feed for the oleo-chemical plant because of the availability of many refineries in the proximity • Finished product sold to FMCG companies such as Hindustan Lever, ITC, Godrej etc already operating in that area • Captive Power plant of 3 Megawatts • Associate plant in the state of Assam in North-Eastern part of India because of fiscal benefits and 30% of the total output sold there. • Physical refining capacity of 800 metric tonnes per day of crude palm oil. • Fractination plant of 600 metric tonnes per day (expandable upto 750 metric tonnes per day). • Inter-esterification plant of 200 metric tonnes per day. • Soybean oil de-gumming and refining facility of 400 metric tonnes per day. • Commercial Production Started since September 2012 • Finished products sold in 12 states account for around 40% to 50% of the Indian population • Existing sales and marketing network in these states either through refined oil, saturated fats or rapeseed oil sold under the brand ‘Jhoola’

  19. EXPANSION PLANS There is huge opportunity in the Western market of country and for taking the advantage of this opportunity company is looking for land in the Western coast for setting up a refinery. Further, most of the Western Indian states are near the port, this is an advantage because setting up of an unit at the port will reduce the logistics cost of the Company, and this will make us more competitive in the market. Our Haldia unit is a strong example of it. For better and cheap procurement of raw material the Company is planning to set up a supply chain network in Indonesia and for this purpose a step down subsidiary of the Company is incorporated in Indonesia. Further the Company has also signed an agreement to acquire 12500 acres land in Ethiopia (with the option to acquire 62,000 acres) for the agro-related activities and this will diversify the business. The Company has acquired 500 acres of land in Bihar to commission an agro-based complex, as part of its plan to enter into other commodities in which the Company can leverage its existing sales and distribution network.



  22. THANK YOU REGISTERED OFFICE: JHUNJHUNWALA BHAWAN, NATI IMLI, VARANASI – 221001 (U.P.) PH. NO. : 0542- 2211312/13 FAX: 0542-2210480 EMAIL: WEBSITE: Source: 22