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Equality. What is the difference between Equality of opportunity Equality of outcome How would you define equality?. Gilded:. gold and glitter on the outside; empty, corrupt on the inside. New York Mansions. Vanderbilt's Mansion 5th Ave and 52nd.

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  • What is the difference between
    • Equality of opportunity
    • Equality of outcome

How would you define equality?



gold and glitter on the

outside; empty, corrupt

on the inside.


Urban Growth

Reasons for growth:

I. Increased immigration

  • many lacked money to buy
  • farms, so stayed in cities

II. Rural Americans moved to cities

  • fewer people need on the
  • farms… machines did the work.

Developing Cities

  • crowding: skyscrapers

steel made it possible to build

tall buildings

  • mass transit: horse cars, then
  • electric trolley cars
  • subways
  • tenements and ghettos:
  • infrastructure needed: paved
  • Streets, sewers, street lights,etc
what is a tenement
What is a tenement?
  • A multi-unit dwelling consisting several apartments.
did you know
Did you know?

At the turn of the twentieth century almost half of the American population were living in tenement buildings.

immigrants and tenements
Immigrants and Tenements
  • Poor immigrants flocked to tenements as places to live.
  • Appealing to immigrants because of the low cost.
  • Uncovered by muckraker, Jacob Riis, tenements usually had many delinquents and organized crime.
floor plan
Floor Plan
  • Many were as small as 325 square feet
  • There would be 10-12 people living in one space.
unsanitary conditions
Unsanitary Conditions
  • There were no laws to enforce living standards.
  • All that was necessary was a fire escape and one outhouse for every twenty people.
  • So many people live in each that they became filthy.
  • Public baths were made as a result of poor hygiene.
crowding in tenements
Crowding in Tenements
  • Four families would fit in an area fit for one family.
  • Multiple children slept in one bed which helped with the heat issues in the winter.
did you know1
Did you know?

Seventy out of one hundred deaths in the 1840’s were among people living in tenements. Most of them occurred in children.

Crowding caused disease to spread much more easily throughout the tenements.

apartments today
Apartments Today
  • There have been laws passed to improve conditions in apartments today drastically.
  • Many good sized apartments are between 800-1000 square feet.
  • They normally do not hold nearly as many people as tenements did.

Efforts to solve problems

  • Settlement Houses:

Community centers for the poor

provided day care, recreation,

English lessons, hygiene, cooking

  • Jane Addams opens the 1st
  • settlement house in USA:
  • Hull House … Chicago slums
read section 2 chapter 15 pp 446 451
Read Section 2, Chapter 15pp 446-451
  • Define all of the terms in the section
  • Why did immigrants tend to group together in the cities?
  • What housing problems did urban working-class families face?
  • How did conditions in cities affect people’s health?
  • #4 Evaluating on page 451
  • Which problems from this time period do people still face today?