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David Kissack Florida PowerPoint Presentation
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David Kissack Florida

David Kissack Florida

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David Kissack Florida

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  1. David Kissack

  2. David Kissack has gained a vast experience working with numerous reputed organizations including LCF, Siemens Energy, Florida, ARS, Belcan, Weyant Engineering and more. He is a Steam Turbine Industry Specialist, with core competencies in ANSYS, AutoCAD, Customer Service Regulatory Compliance, Root Cause Analysis, Staff Training & Development and Equipment Design Finite Element Analysis. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Florida Atlantic University, and is also a member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers which is generally abbreviated as ASME. David Kissack Was Chosen As The Technical Project Lead For BB44FA Projects At Siemens Energy

  3. David Kissack is a Structural Mechanical Design Engineer at the Leaders in Structural Mechanical Design Engineering in Orlando, Florida. It is one of the best networking groups that offer a huge platform for industry professionals to share their opinions and success stories. The group supports various activities including sharing relevant content, asking related questions, or posting job openings. David is also linked with several other networking groups and actively participates in industry related discussions. Researching the industry leaders and keeping an eye on the latest industry trends are some other activities that David likes to do. Professional Experience & Interests

  4. During his 6-year period at Siemens Energy, David Kissack was chosen as the Technical Project Lead for two BB44FA projects. He offered excellent manufacturing support during a two month assignment in Mulheim, Germany. He exceptionally handled the analysis, design and implementation of new stationary components at Sequoyah Nuclear HP Steam Turbine Upgrade project to increase the turbine efficiency and Megawatt output. Besides this, he has also developed four one-of-a-kind guide blade carriers, with support and alignment hardware. The project was successfully completed on time and met all the expectations and requirements. Achievements

  5. In addition to this, David Kissack also lead the BB243PA HP/IP fossil steam turbine upgrade R&D project. This project includes the design of single inner casing to remove second IP guide blade carrier and incorporate all current IP components into a single inner casing through KWU methodologies and materials. The project achieved all the objectives and was sold to two customers who are still using the project. For his exceptional performance and dedication towards work, David Kissack was honored with two SPOT awards at Siemens Energy, Florida. Awards

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